White Lion

According to the legend of the Shangaan people, white lions are the messengers of the gods, but it has been years since one has been seen in their remote African valley. When a white lion is miraculously born into that valley, a young Shangaan named Gisani finds himself destined to protect this rare and magnificent creature at all costs. Cast from his pride and close to starvation, white lion-cub Letsatsi befriends Nkulu, an older lion, and together they learn to survive in the harsh African wilderness. When Nkulu is killed, Letsatsi is forced to survive on his own. After many trials and tribulations, he finally learns to hunt by himself and grows into a magnificent adult. But before he can take over a pride of his own, Letsatsi and Gisani must face their greatest challenge – a trophy hunter – for whom legends are worthless and rare skins priceless. Directed by Michael Swan. Produced by Kevin Richardson.

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