What is Glucomannan?

Glucomannan was introduced into the health industry some years ago as a soluble dietary fiber with the right ingredients to combat weight gain. It originated from Asia as a product derived from the roots of elephant yam, otherwise called Konjac plant.

The effectiveness of Glucomannan as a weight-loss supplement is due to its ability to suppress plasma cholesterol, support easy bowel movement, and improve the metabolism of carbohydrate.

Where to buy Glucomannan supplement

The effectiveness of this health supplement makes it one of the few health products you can find in any online store. If quality is your watchword, then you can visit www.rightshape.com to buy Glucomannan pills at reasonable prices.

Glucomannan Review

Glucomannan has found its way into the homes of many people who were at one point or the other struggling with obesity or too much weight. You can learn from their reviews below:


I tried this after Dr. Oz recommended- also known as Konjac root. Not only fills me up so I eat less when taken before a meal, but it seems to slow down the absorption of what I eat so I don’t get that sugar rush or whatever immediate effect from what I just ate. And, it’s fiber so it’s good for me. I feel good knowing Dr. Oz said it’s totally safe – and his wife swears by it. I have lost some weight, but could also be due to exercising more.

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