What are the side effects of Forskolin?


Forskolin is a natural supplement extracted from the Plectranthus barbatus plant which takes its roots from the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and Asia. This extract has being used for many reasons since ancient times. They include: asthma, infections, stomach disorders, heart problems, thyroid function and weight loss. Just like any other natural supplements, there are possible side effects of forskolin even though they are rarely experienced. Also, the intensity of the side effects on a person is more if the patient already has a history of certain illnesses.

Side effects

  • Increased heart rate: This has signs such as light-headedness, chest pain, loss of consciousness, heart palpitation.
  • Low blood pressure: Some studies have shown that treating with forskolin lowers the blood pressure and this most times prevents the important body organs from getting the oxygen supply that they need to perform effectively. Some signs of this are dizziness, pale skin, loss of consciousness etc and may be an indication that low blood pressure has set in.
  • High level of stomach acid: One may experience a rise in the level of acid in the stomach as a side effect if the supplement is ingested and is more predominant in patients who already have stomach ulcer. Some reactions that accompany this are indigestion, heart burn and nausea.

Some other side effects that can be experienced are flushing, irritation of the upper respiratory tract, tremor, cough and most times restlessness and this usually happens when the forskolin is inhaled. If you experience any of the side effects, please discuss with your doctor.

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