Well Being

Let’s face it, our lives revolve around food. Whether you “live to eat” or “eat to live,” the bottom line is, we all need to eat. Our bodies require certain nutrients in food to function properly and not getting enough (or getting too much) significantly affects our health and well being. Just think about the various health conditions related to our diets such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, bulimia, heart disease, anorexia, and certain cancers. Without a doubt, nutrition and health go hand in hand.

The same is true for physical activity. Our bodies are made for movement (think about our muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons) and like nutrition, physical activity is essential for good health. For example, weight-bearing exercises (like walking, jogging, weight-lifting) help build stronger bones. Physical activity is not just limited to working out at the gym or playing sports, it can also be walking, gardening or simply cleaning the house.

The key to maintaining good health is prevention. Nourishing your body properly and staying active are the two most important choices you can make to keep your body healthy (other factors that influence health, such as genetics and environment, you can’t really control).

It’s important to remember that good health does not come overnight; it does take time and effort. Many of us have “health spurts” when we intensely “diet and work out” for a couple of months and then fall off the bandwagon, so to speak. At Bon Appétit Management Company we realize that eating well and staying fit does not just mean eliminating fats or carbs or jogging on the treadmill. It’s about incorporating small (doable) changes into your everyday lifestyle.

This Well Being section is designed to help you make those small changes by giving you the information and the tools you need.

Know the basics

Making good choices starts with a solid foundation of the basics. Understanding what the different vitamins do for your body and which foods contain them by reading the Nutrition Basics section. In the Physical Activity Basics section, find out how to properly stretch and warm up before exercising to prevent potential physical injuries. Also, don’t be a victim of “portion distortion.” See what are considered Proper Portions and be aware of how much you’re eating and drinking.

Assess your situation

Use the BMI Calculator to assess your body weight in relation to height. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a commonly used health measurement used to indicate a person’s degree of underweight or overweight.

Take Action

Find suggestions on how to incorporate physical activity and good nutrition into your everyday life in the Physical Activity Tips and Nutrition Tips sections. Do you have specific questions about nutrition or exercise? Ask your Bon Appétit dietitian or fitness specialist. Or take it a step further and keep track of your daily intake and activity on the Well Being Journal. Fill out the journal for a week and submit it for a personal consultation with your Bon Appétit dietitian or fitness specialist.

Note: This information is not intended to take the place of advice from a health professional. Check with your physician before starting any diet or exercise program. While all efforts have been made to ensure the information included in this material is correct, new research is released frequently and may invalidate certain pieces of data. 3/07

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