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Color Energy Chakra Necklace

Beautiful necklace with seven gemstones corresponding to the seven Chakras. (Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Aventurine, Citrine, Carnelian, Red Tiger’s Eye) Designed to aid in aligning and balancing the body’s energy flow. Adjustable. Very stunning and popular item.

Hand-made Body Feng Shui Necklace

Ceramic Raku Fired Japanese Kanji Pendants on adjustable pure silk cords.

Characters available: Love, Joy, Serenity, Courage, Patience, Longevity, Dream, Chi, Tao, Zen, Yin, Yang, Life, Friend, Balance, Smile, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire

Rainforest Essendulums

This responsibly harvested wood from an ecological preserve in Central America has been handcrafted into a beautiful piece of jewelry. Each essendulum is 2″ high ,holds a 1ml vial of your favorite essential oil or blend and hangs gracefully from a black cord .

Available in three different woods: Macademia, Tulip, Cocobolo

Fine Sterling Silver Chinese Zodiac Pendants

Affirm the attributes of your Chinese birth sign with this subtle and elegant silver necklace.

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