Voyage of the Plastiki

Beginning her adventure nearly four years ago, the sailing vessel The Plastiki was inspired by a United Nations Environment Program report on the oceans, and Thor Heyerdahl’s epic 1947 expedition of the Kon-Tiki. A compelling and pioneering voyage was planned by National Geographic Emerging Explorer David de Rothschild that would not only inform, but would also captivate, activate and educate the world. With more efficient design and a smarter understanding of how we use materials, principally plastic, waste can be transformed into a valuable resource, in turn helping to lessen our plastic fingerprints on the world’s oceans. Influenced by the principles of “cradle-to-cradle” design and biomimicry, the construction of The Plastiki brought together a multi-faceted team from the fields of sustainable design, boat building, architecture and material science. The film tells the story of the ship, constructed entirely from recycled plastic, which crossed the Pacific in March 2010, raising awareness about the enormous threat posed by plastics to the ocean’s health, as well as the possibilities of recycling. Directed by Max Jourdan.

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