Two Horses Of Genghis Khan, The (Die Zwei Pferde Des Dschingis Khan)

Washington, D.C. Premiere Unlike any other song, Chingisiyn hoyor zagal (Genghis Khan’s Two Horses) recounts the tumultuous history of Mongolia. For singer Urna, this litany is also part of her identity, since she has promised her grandmother to bring back to the family a horse-shaped violin neck on which its lyrics are inscribed. This is the only part left of this typically Mongolian instrument, broken and then lost in the tumult of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Urna sets off to find this beloved instrument on a journey that is also a voyage of discovery of her own country and her roots. In her latest documentary, the filmmaker of The Story of the Weeping Camel follows Urna into the wild landscapes of Outer and Inner Mongolia. This unique film melodically blends realism against the gorgeous landscapes of Mongolia to create an artfully composed documentary in narrative style. Directed by Byambasuren Davaa. Produced by Beatrix Wesle and Byambasuren Davaa.

Introduced by Francene J. Blythe, Director, All Roads Film Project, National Geographic Society.

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