Traces and Memory of Jorge Prelorán (Huellas Y Memoria De Jorge Prelorán)

Washington, D.C. Premiere Jorge Prelorán documented Argentina on film as no one has done before him or since, shooting more than 60 ethno-biographic documentaries (one of which, Cochengo Miranda, will screen on March 22). This illuminating documentary is a wise combination of accuracy and sentiment, showing Prelorán, a solitary man who turned to documentary making as a way to channel his social communication skills, as an archetype but never a stereotype. Indeed, filmgoers who, from the 1960s to 1980s, spread the Prelorán gospel, knew all too well that, with each new documentary, they would have as close a reflection of geographically and emotionally removed peoples and cultures as could possibly be expected. Directed and produced by Fermín Álvarez Rivera.

Introduced by the Cultural Attaché, Embassy of Argentina.

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