To gym or not to gym?

Good Morning! It’s almost the weekend!

I will actually be going on *vacation* next week and leaving on Sunday! This trip came upon us so fast! So I have a to-do list about mile long. Especially since I will be missing two days of classes. Textbooks on the beach may be necessary. But hey, I’m certainly not complaining!

I am a little worried, though, that it will take some time to get back into the school-work-reality groove when I get home! And time will be something I WON’T have. I’ll have to just jump right back in. 🙂

Let’s take a peek at breakfast: A baby spinach & feta omelet.

With an English Muffin smeared with sugar-free strawberry preserves for some carbage.

Eaten with the omelet on top of the muffin of course! The feta plus the sweetness from the jelly is just SO.GOOD.

There was also some caffeinating going on:

This cup times 3. I may have overdone it!

On Today’s Agenda:

• Arms, abs + cardio at the gym

• Laundry

• Start getting stuff together for my trip

I don’t go the gym that often these days, so when I do—I try to fit in as much as possible! Instead of the gym, I like to get my sweat on at home. I run outside, run on the treadmill, bike, and Turbofire. For strength I do the classics, like push-ups, and also videos! This works for me! I think I actually work out *harder* at home when I’m not around other people! This is most likely due to the fact that I don’t have to feel like I’m being watched! I’m free to sprint my heart out on the treadmill, pant like a dog, curse at the videos, and sweat buckets! All in the comfort of my own home. Sounds great, yes? Also unlike the gym, my home is a creeper-free zone! 😉

It also feels super good to know I can resist the appeal of the couch/tv (at least for a little bit) and hop on the treadmill instead. Oh, AND I control the remote!
But don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the gym days. As I will today!

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