The Stinking Ship

Washington, D.C. Premiere This film chronicles the odyssey of a toxic oil waste shipment on board the Probo Koala, a ship used by Trafigura, the world’s largest oil and commodities trading company, as a floating refinery to process dirty oil bought from Mexico. One of the biggest environmental disasters of the decade occurred on August 19, 2006 when the ship’s toxic cargo was unloaded and dumped at waste dumps and roadsides across the city of Abidjan, the Ivory Coast’s largest city. In recollection interviews, residents describe how a strange stench filled the city and the unprecedented health catastrophe that followed. Using archival footage and confidential documents, the film investigates the scandal. It also examines how a corporation with revenues twice as large as those of the Ivory Coast was able to hold ransom the local government while successfully preventing British media from reporting on the disaster and the company’s cover up. Directed and produced by Bagassi Koura.

Panel discussion, moderated by Edward Barrows, with Jasmina Bojic, Founder and Executive Director, United Nations Association Film Festival, filmmaker Bagassi Koura and two Georgetown University Center for the Environment student interns, follows screening.

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