The Light Bulb Conspiracy

United States Premiere Does an everlasting light bulb really exist? How can a computer chip ‘kill’ a product? Why are millions of computers being shipped around the world to be dumped, rather than repaired? How did two artists from New York start an Internet revolt, which resulted in extending the life span of millions of iPods? The Light Bulb Conspiracy combines strong stories with rare archival footage, tracing a century of planned obsolescence – or the deliberate shortening of a product’s life span to ensure consumer demand. This mechanism, at the heart of modern consumer society, is threatening to drown the planet in an everincreasing flood of waste. The film investigates whether the modern consumer economy can sustain itself without planned obsolescence, and how a new business generation is trying to make planned obsolescence itself obsolete, to save the economy – and the planet. Directed by Cosima Dannoritzer. Produced by Joan Úbeda.

Edmund Burke School screening: Introduced by David Shapiro, Headmaster, Edmund Burke School. Discussion with filmmaker Cosima Dannoritzer follows screening.

The Phillips Collection screening: Introduced by Guillermo Corral, Cultural Counselor, Embassy of Spain. Discussion with filmmaker Cosima Dannoritzer follows screening.

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