The Great Squeeze

According to author and Peak Oil expert Richard Heinberg, author of Peak Everything: Waking Up to the Century of Declines, “we are today living at the end of the period of the greatest material abundance in human history – an abundance based on temporary sources of cheap energy that made all else possible. Now that the most important resources are entering their inevitable sunset phase, our 200 year old fossil fuel economy is being threatened.” Today, we are adding 80 million people to the world population each year. If we continue on our current trajectory, even optimistic United Nations projections with moderate increases in population, suggest that by 2050 humanity will demand resources at double the rate at which the earth can generate them. We are now entering a new geological era that scientists are calling the anthropocene, a time in the earth history when human activities have changed the earth’s climate and ecosystems so significantly, that a new geological era has to be created. This is it. We just have one planet. We have the moral obligation to act now and shift drastically this paradigm for the sake of future generation. Directed by Chris Fauchere. Produced by Chris Fauchere and Joyce Johnson.

Introduced by Roger Morier, Communications Advisor, Sustainable Development, World Bank.

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