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What causes teen girls to ignore a pregnancy until the birth?

my guess would be straight up denial mainly because if a lack of menstruation doesn’t arose her curiosity, putting on weight won’t either. Perhaps she’s waiting for a sign from God.Blaming society just creates a scapegoat, something to pin the blame on. There’s no longer shame involved with teen pregnancies in this culture anyway. For heaven’s sake they’re handing out birth control in middle school. A lack of resources? I seriously doubt it unless she lives on a mountaintop by herself. What would an emphasis on career over motherhood have to do with your question? The baby’s still going to be born. Avoiding abortion is the only answer with any credence

What does it mean when a teenager discharges continuously?

Every woman has a different level of discharge… it is necessary to keep the vagina moist to prevent infection (and squeaking when you walk, heh). Some women just produce more than others. If it’s clear and not bad-smelling it’s not a concern. She can purchase pantyliner to keep from staining her underwear if she wants.

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