Sweat it Out Saturday – thoughts on lack of exercise

Hey guys! Long time no talk, eh? As I mentioned previously, I have been at the University of Chicago Hospital all week long.

Thank you to those of who sent well wishes my brother’s way – he came through surgery well and he’s finally back at home. Home sweet home has a whole new meaning this weekend.

So although I didn’t work out this week (besides for a whole lot of walking around) – I’m still going to do a Sweat it Out Saturday post!

Weekly Workouts

Monday – Zumba

Tuesday-Friday – hospital (no workouts, but I did make certain to take the stairs when possible)

Saturday – TBD, but I’m thinking something sweaty and intense is on the menu.

Sunday – I haves plans to take a Zumba class!


This is applicable to life in general.

Song of the week – Proud by Heather Small

Yes, I posted this song the other day. But it’s too good to pass up.


After a week without sweat, I think I’ll come back into my workout routine strong and refreshed. But for now, I’ll just roll with the punches.

When you’re used to a routine, a lack of exercise can often be stressful. For me, this is especially true since workouts are often a way to de-stress and stay sane when life hands me lemons. Or when life is going perfectly smooth. Either way.

However, I have to say that I didn’t feel upset by my lack of exercise this week. I thought I might, but honestly – I didn’t think about it at all. Family is always first for me and this week that was even more apparent. Don’t get me wrong, a good workout would have felt fantastic, but being by my brother’s side every single day was my top priority.

Exercise, on the other hand, was pretty much on the bottom of the list. And I was (and am) okay with that. It will always be there when I’m ready to get back to it.

As you may have guessed, I don’t have a sweaty workout of the week for you this time around.

So here’s where you come in!

Link up with YOUR sweaty workouts from the past week! That way, I can have something new to try once things settle down.

Grab the button and link up!

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Have a great weekend guys!

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