Sweat it Out Saturday – sexy shoulder workout

For any new readers out there, every Saturday is Sweat it Out Saturday here at The New Healthy. Basically, it’s all about fitness – so if you love fitness, then you’ll love this!

Let’s jump right in!

Everything has to make you sweat, motivate you to sweat, or accompany you in your sweatiness.

Weekly Workouts

Saturday – 3 miles walking intervals (incline 4%-10%)

Sunday – 50 minute Zumba class

Monday – 1 hour lunchtime bball + 50 minute Zumba class

Tuesday – REST

Wednesday – bowling! Yeah, I’m counting that! Okay, fine – REST.

Thursday – 45 minute spin class + 45 minute beginner boot camp

Friday – 3 mile treadmill walk/run while catching up on the Biggest loser!

Get your sweat on with the sexy shoulder workout!

Fit and toned arms and shoulders. Now, that’s something that I want.

Oddly enough, it wasn’t until about a year ago that I actually started focusing on these areas during workouts. I guess that was around the time that I realized that “if you want something different, you must do something different.” #truth

Deep down, I was hoping that I would wake up one day with toned arms and shoulders. But clearly, that wasn’t going to happen. So, I’ve taken matters into my own hands.

Today’s shoulder moves were inspired by my boot camp class on Thursday evening. The shoulder muscle is made up of three parts (anterior, middle, and posterior) – so we need to show them all some love, right?

Exciting fitness news!

I recently joined an amazing group of people as an ambassador for a wonderful company called FitFluential.

Their description: “FitFluential is a growing family of fitness fanatics spreading a positive healthy message year-round. Fitfluential is Fitness Found.”

I am absolutely honored to join the FitFluential family and I’m so excited for what’s to come!

Join in!

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Grabbing the button [or simply linking back to this post] allows your readers to come and check out everyone else who linked up! Basically, it allows for a blog hop – in which we can hop from blog to blog gaining motivation and ideas along the way!

I can’t wait to see what you guys post this week! Linky Tools subscription expired. List not available.


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