Sweat it Out Saturday – just walks

It’s a holiday weekend! You know what that means—more time to sweat it out! Or more time to relax and chill with your family and friends. Whatever floats your boat.

Do you have any sweat sessions planned for your 3-day weekend? I don’t. We’re talking about possibly going for a hike and a long bike ride—but other than that, it’s a blank slate for the weekend. Love it.

Actually, I rarely plan out my workouts. I’m more of a do what you want day-by-day type girl. In the past, I have found that when I plan workouts—they’re less likely to happen. That’s just me though. I know a lot of people thrive on a pre-set schedule. With all other areas of life (school, work, family)—bring on the agenda! But with workouts? I’ll fly by the seat of my pants.

That’s my philosophy. What’s yours?

And with that—let’s talk about SWEAT.

For any newcomers, here’s a little breakdown of what sweat it out Saturday is all about.

I show you my dedication by posting my weekly workouts.

I spread motivation by sharing motivational quotes, upbeat songs, fun new work out gear, and much much more.

Finally, I invite YOU to participate by linking to a post you’ve written about anything sweat-related during the week. Through your post, YOU can show us all your dedication and also help spread the motivation!

There is only one rule:

Everything has to make you sweat, motivate you to sweat, or accompany you in your sweatiness.

Weekly Workouts

There wasn’t much sweat going on in New Healthy land this past week. I wasn’t feeling any intense workouts—so I just went on several walks instead. I probably went on 3 (2 to 3 mile) walks over the week.

It was just one of those weeks, I suppose. You know, one of those weeks where you’re just lacking energy and you’d rather hang out with a good book then get your sweat on? Rather than force myself to workout (hello, burn out), I fully embraced a week of {somewhat active} rest and I know I’ll be full of energy next week!

Rest days (err, weeks) are just as important as workouts. They’re necessary for repair and rejuvenation. Exercise is amazing but it’s also a physical stressor. Our bodies deserve a nice break every now and then.

Do you ever take rest weeks?

Sometimes I’m afraid that if I take too many rest days, then I’ll have a hard time getting back into my routine. While this seems plausible, it’s usually the opposite.

After a good period of rest, I crave an amazing sweat. It may take a little extra boost to get out there and do it—but after a few minutes, I probably have a cheesy smile on my face. Consequently, some of my best workouts come after a little R&R.

Get your sweat on with these past workouts!

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