Sweat it Out Saturday – It’s back!

I kind of dropped the ball on Sweat it Out Saturday/Sunday. I got the ball rolling and then I let it fall to the ground.

Should we get it back up and running? I say yes! Here we go!

One and only one rule – everything has to make you sweat, motivate you to sweat, or accompany you in your sweatiness.

Weekly Work Outs

Sunday – power shopping through Gurnee mills (AKA rest)

Monday – sweaty work out of the week (see below)

Tuesday – Body Rock Grab Your Balls Workout + 1 mile incline walk (3.8 speed; 6.0% incline)

Wednesday – GYM! 1 mile warm-up on the treadmill (6.2 speed; 1.5% incline), then various exercises (assisted pull-ups, bench, decline sit-ups…etc.)

Thursday – 4 mile run + 10 mile bike ride

Friday – Rest

Saturday – to be determined

Tune of the Week [Colbie Caillat – Brighter than the Sun]

This song always brightens my day and a brighter day means more motivation to get my sweat on!

Gadget of the Week – Gymboss Interval Timer

When I started doing Body Rock workouts, I knew that I wanted to get my own gymboss interval timer. Zuzanna’s workouts are amazing and the interval timer allows me to take them to the next level.

I’ve also been using the gymboss for treadmill intervals!

Sweaty Workout of the Week – 20 minute interval blast

Here’s my latest gymboss guided treadmill work out.

Set your gymboss for 14 intervals of 00:40 and 00:20. Alternatively, you could set your treadmill for the same intervals (if it has that option).

After a 4 minute warm up, start the timer. For each 00:40 second interval, sprint it out. Once the timer beeps, bump the speed down to a comfortable jog for the next 00:20 seconds. After the next beep, continue your sprint.

Do this for the entire 14 rounds (14 minutes) and you’ll be a sweaty beast in no time. That’s the goal, right?

Time Speed Incline
Warm Up
6.2 mph 2.0%
05:00-05:40 (sprint) 7.2 mph 1.5%
05:40-06:00 (jog) 6.0 mph 1.5%
06:00-06:40 (sprint) 7.2 mph 1.5%
06:40-07:00 (jog) 6.0 mph 1.5%
continue until 18:00
Cool Down
3.8 mph 1%

This is the perfect work out to squeeze in when you’re short on time!

Interval newbie? Simply increase the warm up and cool down time and decrease the interval time.

For example, you could warm up for 5 minutes, do intervals for 10 minutes, and then cool down for 5 minutes.

Too easy for you? Add more time and/or sprint it out for longer.

For example, you could do 20 minutes of intervals with 01:00 minute sprints and 00:30 second rest periods (jog) in between.

Cater the work out to YOUR liking! 🙂

Let’s discuss!

Per your suggestions, I’m thinking of doing a Sweat it Out Saturday link party. Basically, you would write a post about anything work out related (your weekly work outs, work out tunes, ideas, new classes, DVD’s, cute new gear, fun gadgets, etc…) and then link it up.

If everything goes as planned, we’d all have a great resource to come to when we’re in need of a little work out motivation or just a way to freshen things up.

Before I implement this, I want YOUR feedback! Would you be interested in linking up for a weekly Sweat it Out Saturday/Sunday post?

If it’s possible, I’d make it so that you can link up anytime during the weekend rather than only on one day.

I don’t know about you, but it’s harder for me to get motivated to sweat on the weekends – so this would be a great way to make it happen!

Pending positive feedback, we’ll party next weekend! 🙂

Have a wonderful day guys!

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