Sweat it Out Saturday – 30 day challenge

So I think it’s time to bring back the Sweat it Out Saturday series. It’s a great way to not only keep track of work outs but also to share ideas and motivation in the blog world. What do you say? Are you ready to talk about some sweat?


As per usual, there is only one rule.

Everything has to make you sweat, motivate you to sweat, or accompany you in your sweatiness.

Weekly Work Outs

Sunday – 1 mile incline walk + Body Rock 30 day challenge Fit Test

Monday – 3 mile run + Body Rock 30 day challenge day 2

Tuesday – 1 mile walk + Body Rock 30 day challenge day 3

Wednesday – 3 mile run

Thursday – rest

Friday – rest

Plan for Saturday – Body Rock 30 day challenge day 4

Plan for Sunday – Body Rock 30 day challenge day 5 + some other form of cardio

I CANNOT stop listening to (and singing) this song!

Motivational Quote of the Week

Sweaty Workout of the Week – Body Rock 30 day Challenge

If you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty much in love with this challenge. I miss Zuzana, but Lisa is equally fit and motivating. So far the 30 day challenge has kicked my butt numerous times AND most of the work outs are only 12 minutes. The plan is set up so that you have 5 cardio work outs and 3 strength work outs per week. Since the work outs are so short, I can never find an excuse not to get one done.

So give it a try! We can cheer each other on.

Let’s VOTE.

Before my extended blogging break, I started doing a link up for Sweat it Out Saturdays. I can easily bring this back – but I want to get your votes first. Would you link up one of your posts with a work out?

You can create a Sweat it Out post any day of the week and then link up on Saturday. It can be your weekly work outs, a favorite move, a challenge, or anything in between. Basically, it will serve as a way to share our favorite ways to get sweaty. Plus, seeing others being active is always motivating, no?

Feel free to cast your vote.

Get Active

If you got sweaty this week, tell me – what was the most interesting thing you did?

Alright, well I’m off to work concessions for my younger sister’s basketball game. Have a wonderful weekend guys!

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