Sugar Pie Honey Crisp

Happy Saturday dolls,

I hope your weekend is off to a splendid start. Boy oh’ boy do I have a lot foodie pictures to show you!

Let’s pretend it’s Friday again, and I’ll take you through my eats with pictures.

Breakfast at work was a bowl that never fails to satisfy:


Chia Seeds

Cinnamon + Stevia

Fage 0% Greek Yogurt


Cacao Nibs! (New addition that totally upped the yum factor)

Random post-breakfast office-bathroom ‘fit pic? Sure why not? There’s no shame here folks.

Let’s also pretend that it didn’t take me 45 tries to get a decent mirror pic–I’m really bad (no, REALLY bad) at getting a good angle!

Random thought: I used to be “scared” of wearing stripes! I thought that they made you look “bigger” by adding width!

Insert 2 cups of un-pictured coffee with sugar-free vanilla caramel creamer.

Followed by a delicious and simple lunch:

Whole Wheat La Tortilla Wrap

Laughing cow queso wedge (This is my new favorite!)

Hummus (of course)

Roasted Broccoli


Side of carrots + hummus

Not even 2 hours later, I was digging into my bag yet again for this snacksickle:

Run; don’t walk, to your local Wally World to get this:

I usually try to avoid Wal-Mart, but I’ll grin and bear it for a box of these puppies!

Then my bottom-less pit that I call a stomach growled at me again, so I broke out in song to satisfy my craving:

Sugar Pie, Honey Crisp
You know that I love you
I can’t help myself
I love you and nobody else

In and out my life (in and out my life)
You come and you go (you come and you go)
Leaving just your picture behind…. (Ooh)
And I’ve kissed it a thousand times (ooh)

When the serenading didn’t work, I broke out my last snack…what do you think it may be?

Yep, you guessed it! Giant honey crisp! I had already eaten about half the slices before snapping this less-than-stellar pic. You win some, you lose some.

After going for a quick 2.5 mile run, I peered in my fridge for some dinner. My eyes immediately fixated on my son’s leftover whole wheat rotini with sweet peas! Hmm…the wheels were a-turning…

Cheesiness? Spritz with EVOO and melt a laughing cow wedge + goat cheese into the mix.

Protein? Add an over easy egg.

Dinner was served. And devoured.

Well I’m off to do a whole lot of prep for tomorrow’s party!

Enjoy your Saturday!

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