Student Short Environmental Film Festival

AN END TO SLIM PICKINGS, AMERICA’S DAIRY LAND & WES JACKSON: THE LAND INSTITUTE are shown as part of the Food & Agriculture Film Series

AN END TO SLIM PICKINGS (University of Wisconsin, 6 min.) A closer look at a new way to acquire fresh fruits and vegetables. Directed by Signe Brewster. Selected by Wisconsin’s Tales from Planet Earth Film Festival.

AMERICA’S DAIRY LAND (University of Wisconsin, 4 min.) Examines the changing racial realities of the American Midwest’s dairy industry. Directed by Kevin Gibbons. Selected by Wisconsin’s Tales from Planet Earth Film Festival.

WES JACKSON: THE LAND INSTITUTE (Sidwell Friends School & Pennsylvania State University, 5 min.) A reflection on the state of the nation’s agricultural customs and policies. Written and edited by Abbey Farkas. Directed by Lukas Williams.

SKIPJACKS: A DYING BREED (American University, 7 min.) An intimate encounter with the skipper of Chesapeake’s Bay’s oldest Skipjack. Written, directed and
produced by Aditi Desai, Steve Erdman and Kai Fang.

WATER TROOPERS (American University, 5 min.) Showcases the history and importance of Maryland’s Natural Resources Police. Written, directed and produced by Andrew Hall, Patrick Jones, Jeremy Polk and Shanon Sparks.

BURIED IN HISTORY (Georgetown University, 11 min.) Uncovers a hidden story in Spring Valley, one of Washington, D.C.’s most affluent neighborhoods and site of a chemical research facility during World War I. Directed by Brett Davis, Lucy Obus, Mary Kate Robbett and Nick Troiano.

PEDAL CO-OP (Drexel University, 5 min.) Showing how bike trailers are a new way to transport recycling, compost and books in Philadelphia. Directed by Bruce Pinchbeck. First Place Winner, Preserve Our Planet Film Contest.

THE ADVENTURES OF GET UP AND GO (Barnard College, 3 min.) A superhero inspires two people to make a difference. Directed by Lan Angela Li. Audience Award Winner, Preserve Our Planet Film Contest.

Introduced by Chris Palmer and Sandy Cannon-Brown, Professors, American University. A panel discussion follows screenings with three Student Academy Award winners: Laura Waters Hinson (2008 gold winner for As We Forgive about two Rwandan women coming face to face with the men who slaughtered their families during the 1994 genocide) and Lauren DeAngelis and Joe Bohannon (2009 bronze winners for A Place to Land about the problems associated with keeping exotic parrots as pets). The panelists produced their films as graduate students at American University.

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