Sponsor a Day of Design

You can help build a more sustainable future — one community, one designer, one donation at a time.

Help us provide 365 days of professional design services around the world by donating to support a designer for a day, week, month, or a year.

Will support a meeting with a client

In a meeting a designer can provide a community in need with technical advice in a one-on-one consultation.

Will support a designer for a day

In a day a designer can create a schematic drawing, establish a site, resolve a design detail or troubleshoot a code issue.

Will support a designer for a week

In a week a designer can hold a community workshop, start planning for construction, design a site-specific structural solution or do a post-occupancy analysis.

Will support a designer for a month

In a month a designer can hold community workshops, plan, develop, and construct a small community building or a house.

Donate and support good design

Your donation, no matter what size, can make a difference and bring design where it’s needed most.

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