Skymol Communicator Live Video Software


Skymol Communicator Live Video Software:

  • Live voice/video and text chat communications
  • Proactive voice/video and text chat
  • Real-time site monitoring
  • Voice and video record
  • Offline voice/video and text messages
  • Push page and URL sending
  • Voice, video call and text chat transfer
  • Audio and video ads while on hold
  • View and search past voice/video and text chats
  • No software download and setup

Add our powerful live chat software to your website

and sell your product online using face-to-face, voice/video communication.

Why To Use Skymol Communicator

Besides you can provide customers with immediate 1-to-1 assistance using video chat, explain product options, and answer support-related questions, Skymol Communicator provides you the following benefits:

  • Boost online sales by 20%
  • Reduce service and support costs by 25%
  • Maximize ROI
  • Foster long-term customer loyalty & satisfaction

Really your group is doing a great job! I just love all the enhancements it has made during the past few years; your product/service is very mature.


Skymol Corporation Launches White Label Solution of Its Live Video Chat Software Platform

Passion4Fashion (Hungary, EU) Sells Fashion Brands At Discounted Prices In Its Online SALES Webstore Using Skymol Communicator Live Video Chat Software

Dolfi 1920 Airline Luggage Repair And Replace Service Provider Uses Skymol Communicator To Provide Online Customer Service

AGAPE Has Deployed Skymol Communicator Live Video Chat Software To Provide Sign Interpreting Services (Video Remote Interpreting) Online

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