Skin Cancer

What causes skin cancer and what are the effects?

Skin cancer is most closely associated with chronic inflammation of the skin. This includes:

1. Overexposure to UV-radiation can cause skin cancer either via the direct or via the indirect DNA damage mechanism. UVA & UVB have both been implicated in causing DNA damage resulting in cancer. Sun exposure between 10AM and 4PM is most intense and therefore most harmful. Natural (sun) & artificial UV exposure (tanning salons) are associated with skin cancer. Since sunbeds cause mostly indirect DNA damage (free radicals) their use is associated with the deadliest form of skin cancer – the malignant melanom.

2. Chronic non-healing wounds, especially burns. These are called Marjolin’s ulcers based on their appearance and can develop into squamous cell carcinoma-and.

3. Genetic predisposition, including “Congenital Melanocytic Nevi Syndrome”. CMNS is characterized by the presence of “nevi” or moles of varying size that either appear at or within 6 months of birth. Nevi larger than 20 mm (3/4″) in size are at higher risk for becoming cancerous.

Skin can be protected by avoiding sunlight entirely, or wearing protective clothing while outdoors. Skin cancer is usually caused by exposing skin to UV rays excessively.

How much exposure to the sun causes skin cancer?

Skin cancer can be caused by one exposure to the sun, although it may take decades to surface. In general, we acquire about 85% of our sun damage that will result in the lovely signs of old age on our skin, including skin cancer, before we turn 30. After that, protection is important for preventing existing damage, ie. cancer, from growing more quickly. Different types of cancer come from different exposures. Squamous cell carcinomas may be linked to burns while basal cell carcinomas often result from long term cumulative exposure – daily activity.As for a”good burn”- if you don’t peel, then it is a mild burn. Dermatologists look for blistering burns as more problematic, although any significant exposure risks damage.

What are the first signs of skin cancer?

Extremely dark freckles, dark or pale patches on your skin void of any color. If you have an area that concerns you please speak with your doctor as they are trained to recognize precancerous skin.

Experienced skin cancer from sun exposure?

Did the sun burn her brain cells?It does not matter if she tans or burns. I want to say that first because people who tan don’t think they can get skin cancer. False, they can. I had 2 family members who both had skin cancer. One did sun bathe often (every chance they got) and were young (in their 20’s.). They tanned easily and they too never used sun block. The other person was my grandmother who was in her 50’s, pale skinned and always used sun block because she burns easily. Not only is your friend looking at getting skin cancer, but aged skin as well. By the time she’s 50, her skin will look like leather. There have been girls as young as 20, who have used sun beds weekly and within a year of doing so, had skin cancer. Skin cancer can also kill. Its harder to detect because people do not think of getting their moles checked yearly by their doctor or dermatologist.When she’s back from her trip, have some documents about skin cancer ready for her to read… because she surely does have it wrong.

Should we have a pale skin is beautiful campaign to tackle skin cancer?

That’s a fantastic idea. Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway would be great spokespersons for staying out of the sun. When they do interviews in magazines, both of them emphasize the importance of sun protection.Fake tans are perfectly safe, even though they look really fake. It’s the real tans (from the sun or tanning beds) that can cause skin cancer. I don’t really think we need a campaign against using fake tanner and looking like an oompa-loompa.

What is the best way to avoid skin cancer while being in the sun?

One simple thing you can do (besides always using a good UVA/UVB suntan lotion) is to wear a wide brimmed hat when out in the sun. The edges of your ears are a prime location for the development of skin cancers. Because of the increased blood supply and tissue structure, skin cancers located on the edges of the ear are hard to treat and cure. Cancers located on the edges of the ear also tend to spread inward quickly more quickly than a skin cancer located on the body trunk. Wearing a brimmed hat besides suntan lotion will stop this particular risk factor completely.

What is the best way to prevent me from getting skin cancer?

wear sunscreen with a high SPF(sun protection factor), make sure you keep it on by applying it every two hours and not washing it off, and then wear a hat and tell your doctor if anything weird happens

How can you minimize the risk of getting skin cancer?

apply sunscreen regularly, all the time on kids wear hats, wear SPF protective clothing avoiding direct sunlight between 10am – 4 pm in summer months, monthly self exam of body for problem moles, other skin problems.

What are the affects of skin cancer if it goes untreated?

Well the speed and such depends on what type. But basically it will continue to grow. At some point, it will start to spread. Then those too will grow and this will continue until it kills you.

How many months/years does it take for a sunburn to become skin cancer?

No one knows how many hours, days, weeks, years one can spend in the sun before getting skin cancer.What else is that you do not have to burn to get it… tanning can give you skin cancer as well (both in sun beds and actual sun). Its always best to wear at least 15 spf (30 is better) and to not go tanning.

What oral medication is available for melanoma skin cancer?

No, there is no oral medication used to treat melanoma. Usually with stage. II the treatment would be surgery followed by immunotherapy (interferon) usually given IV or by subcutaneous injection. Start by researching alpha interferon it is a biological agent that uses your own immune system to fight the cancer. If you have heard of an oral medication used to treat melanoma it may be a”new”drug on a clinical trial. To see new and upcoming treatments being tested check out NCI’s website (National Cancer Institute) and check out the clinical trials section.

Why do some people think the sun causes cancer?

It’s only skin cancer that sun exposure can cause, no other cancers UV radiation is the major risk factor for skin cancer, and the main source of UV is the sun.Skin that is fair and freckled has less protective pigment than darker skin and carries a higher risk of skin cancer.So yes, the sun can “cause cancer”. Diet is in no way a risk factor for skin cancer, and in fact has not been proven to cause any type of cancer.

How long can a dog live with untreated skin cancer?

It depends on what type on cancer it is, what grade or stage it is (how severe or malignant), whether it has spread to other areas or not. There are a lot of things that determine how long they may live for.

Could I get skin cancer from using sun tan lotion once?

Yes. people get skin cancer over time just from walking out to their cars every day, walking to the mailbox, etc. If you need proof of this, I am a naturally fair-skinned person who never went tanning, always wore sunblock at the beach, etc, and I got skin cancer when I was 20 on a part of my body that was hardly ever exposed bare to sunlight. Six hours a week outside with only one application of sunblock is MORE than enough time to do damage to your skin.

especially if you consider that I only really exposed myself to sun at the beach, and that was only about three times a year. Also, please be aware that any time you are getting enough sun to develop a tan, you are also technically getting enough sun to develop skin cancer if you expose yourself often enough, and that a tan is actually damage to your skin. If you are fair-skinned or have light hair and eyes OR if you have had a relative with skin cancer, you are at a higher risk for the disease. However, even African-Americans develop skin cancer, so no one is immune and you should reapply sunblock frequently. Also, be sure to wear sunglasses because it is also possible to develop melanoma of the eye (melanoma is the most severe and deadliest type of skin cancer).

Is it possible to have a skin cancer on the head that goes away?

There are lots of possibilities that could result in what you describe. Skin cancers can go through cycles of activity where they are much more noticeable and symptomatic and then appear to heal. The best thing for you to do is note where this lesion is and, should it recur with any degree of regularity, get it checked. Most skin cancers are easily treated, some with creams (over a couple months), and not fatal.It is possible that this is just a blocked sweat gland or hair follicle. Don’t worry and pay attention – that’s it.

Is it true you can develop skin cancer from deoderants?

There is not a shred of proof that deodorants can cause cancer. Don’t believe everything you hear.

What are my chances of getting skin cancer if I tan 2 or 3 times a month?

i have no idea but you should maybe stop getting a tan each month hey maybe you should only get a tan once a year that way you won’t have a lot of chances of getting a skin cancer each month.

How long does it take to for skin cancer to form from tanning?

Doesn’t matter what your skin color is. No tanning. It is carcinogenic (cancer-causing) Maybe not today, maybe not in five years, but I promise you that it will catch up to you one day and you will bemoan the day you ever laid in a tanning bed.

Decrease chance of skin cancer while SUN tanning?

There is no such thing as a healthy tan. That is like saying you have a healthy amount of tar in your lungs from smoking. If you want to decrease your chances of skin cancer don’t let yourself get tan from being out in the sun too long. There is no healthy dose.

Why is tanned skin more important than the risk of Cancer?

Spray-on tans are pretty safe, but usually pretty obvious.Tanned skin is the result of A. A person who spends a lot of time in the sun and simply develops it as a side-effect or B. A person who cares more for the short-term effects of looking fashionable vs. the long term effects of cancer.People also tend to assume that the amount of radiation they receive is not enough to develop cancer. Additionally, skin cancer is a less malignant form of cancer. This doesn’t make it harmless, but people seem to think it does.

What is a catchy brochure title for skin cancer?

The skin cancer is a cancer that features a malign development on the skin owing to various determinants. Its progress initializes in the epidermis which makes the tumor visible even in the very initial stages. If you have to go out, you can choose to wear clothes that can cover your limbs such as long-sleeved shirts or accessories like scarf to cover your neck and shoulders.

How can you tell if you have skin cancer or not?

You should check your Skin when change a mole size, Shape or color. If your mole start to big and becomes as large as or longer than a eraser and it is not brown but your skin is multi colored then you should immediately go to a doctor. Because it may be happen you have skin cancer.

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