Senior Drug Dependents and Care Structures


Book recommendation : also addicts aging,

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VPP – Behavioral Therapy & Psychosocial Practice 3/2010: Older addicts of heroin and co – addiction in old age.

European recommendations for treatment and care of senior drug dependents are online.

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National Guidelines for the Treatment of Drugs and Drugs .

SDDCare European Conference on 26 / 27th May 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany
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Results from qualitative interviews with senior drug users and practical experts are online.

Good practice examples are online and will be continously updated

National and local data and legal financial framework of senior drug dependens in the four EU countries

Legal + financial framework and national and local reports for Austria, Germany, Poland and Scotland!


The population of elderly drug users (35/45 years and older) at present. The majority of these older problem drug users appear to prefer opiates. Apart from the basic drug dependency, most users also show adverse mental health conditions as well as chronic physical diseases including chronic viral infections such as hepatitis C.

Until today, there has been no activity at EU level, and national initiatives focussing on SDD’s and their special needs of support, treatment and care. SDDCare project tragetting senior problem drug users as a separate risk group as they largely live as outsiders at the margins of society.

The specific objectives of the project are to

  • Build a knowledge base about a senior problem drug users and their needs of support, treatment and care in different age groups and by gender
  • The concept of gender mainstreaming in community and – necessary – residential settings
  • Publish project results.

This EU-project SDDCare # 2006346 – Senior Drug Dependents and Care Structures is a funded project by the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) . The aim is to create a knowledge-based approach to the health and safety of the elderly, as well as to the health and well-being of the elderly group.

The purpose of this homepage, is to publish the documentation of the project for easy access to a wider audience. It is also the case that the European Union is the only country in the world. We are eager to always keep you up to speed with the latest news.


Currently, there appears to be a growing number of older drug addicts (35/45 years and older) in many European countries with different syndrome patterns. The majority of older drug users seem to have a preference for opiates. In addition to the searcher’s disease, many older drug addicts suffer from psychiatric addictions and chronic, often contagious physical disorders, such as hepatitis C.

So far, there have been virtually no efforts at European level, and only a few have been established at national level, which deal specifically with elderly drug users, their assistance, care and support needs. SDDCare wants to close this gap, focuses on older drug addicts and sees them as a special risk group, which often lives on the margins of society.

Specific objectives of the project

  • Development of basic knowledge on the life situation and the health situation of older drug-dependent men and women and their objective and subjective needs.
  • Development of practice-relevant concepts and guidelines for the implementation of outpatient and inpatient settings for this target group taking into account the principles of gender mainstreaming.
  • Publication of study results.

The Eu Project SDDCare # 2006346 – Senior Drug Dependents and Care Structures is financially supported by the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) and brings together science and practice in 4 European countries. The aim is to develop a knowledge base on the number, living conditions and the health situation of older drug addicts and to learn more about their treatment and care needs, as well as guidelines and recommendations for practice

This homepage is intended for documentation purposes and is intended to provide long-term and rapid access to information on the development and policy of the European Union as well as about project objectives. We always strive to provide you with the latest and most up-to-date information.

New Documents / Latest Documents

VPP – behavioral therapy and psychosocial practice 3/2010: Older addicts of heroin and Co. – addiction aged

National guidelines for treatment and care of older drug users

SDDCare end conference presentations

Qualitative interviews with clients and experts – qualitative interviews with clients and experts

Good practice Examples – examples of good practice

Several new publications – Latest Publications

National Data and financial and legal framework of each country

Bibliography – Bibliography Senior Drug Dependents

Housing and addiction – housing for drug addicts and Social Work

“opiate addiction in old age” – possible residential care concepts at the interface between addiction and the elderly

Book Recommendation: Also addicts old

European Recommendations for treatment and care of senior drug dependents

Co-operation Partners

EAHC : Executive Agency for Health and Consumers

I SFF : Institute for Addiction Research Frankfurt

European Center : European Center for Social Welfare Policy and Research

SHH : Swiss House Hadersdorf

SDF : Scottish Drugs Forum

ISIS : Institute for Social Infrastructure

IPIN : Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology

VAE eV (project member until 31st of July 2009) : Verein Arbeits- und Erziehungshilfe eV

Project officer : DG SANCO C4 / EAHC, Hristina Mileva, Luxembourg

Advisory Board Members, May 2009 : Dr. Alessandro Pirona, EMCDDA (European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction), Lisbon, Portugal

Dr. Ingo I. Michels, Representative of the Ministry of Health, Berlin, Germany

Christina Baumeister, Director of the Alida Schmidt Foundation, Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Franz Pietsch, Ministry of Health, Vienna, Austria

Sandra Wallace, Isabel McNab, Scottish Government, Edinburgh, Scotland

Dr. Piotr Jablonski, National Bureau for Drug Prevention, Warsaw, Poland

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