Qualities, Intentions and Purposes of Deep Bodywork

Deep Tissue Bodywork is applied with the intention of accessing the deeper layers of the body.  Pressure is applied with the intention of finding the resistance of the body and sustaining the pressure until the resistance is released.  This is called a direct technique.  There is also an indirect method that moves in the opposite direction of the resistance.  In both instances the amount of pressure used is dependent on the amount of resistance in the tissue and using the minimum amount of engagement needed to release the tissue.

Contrary to some popular beliefs that “no pain, no gain” and “more is better”, deep tissue massage does not require great strength nor does it need to be painful.

Creating a clear intention is what creates effective results.  Some of the qualities, intentions and purposes of deep massage/bodywork include:

  1. It is sensitive to the state of receivers and requires that the giver have a highly developed awareness of themselves and others.  The intention is to increase the receivers’ awareness and sensitivity.
  2. The increased awareness of the practitioner results in mirroring of the clients’ body tension.  Using Deep tissue massage techniques allows the receiver to become more aware of holding patterns and the emotional content that is stored there.  It is important that the practitioner learn to be of service and be able to set aside their agendas in order to adequately meet the clients tissue and provide the listening (through their hands, ears and eyes) that the client needs.
  3. Increasing the receivers awareness allows the work to go even deeper.
  4. It is effective in releasing deeply held emotions that cause tension thereby resolving many chronic pain patterns.
  5. Deep tissue massage may help improve the functioning of the internal organs and any associated symptoms or diseases.
  6. Improves posture and re-establishes proper movement of muscles.
  7. Releases myofascial restrictions for optimal health.
  8. Deep tissue massage done with intention and awareness can help reduce the automatic reflexes to stress thereby creating less tension
  9. Is effective in working on injuries and the resulting compensations in other areas of the body.
  10. Emotional stability can result as the deeper restrictions are released.

The art of doing deep tissue massage/bodywork lies in being able to remain present and adjust your approach and technique to each person.

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