Punkin’ Chia Goodness

Hey Beauties,

Sit back and get comfortable because this post is going to be a long one! Don’t worry; I have lots of pictures to make it interesting!

Let’s reverse to yesterday morning, aka Wednesday morning. My day started out as all others– late and rushed! Why? Because I have a problem that involves hitting the snooze button on ALL THREE of my cell phone alarms probably about 10 times each! Yes, I must be one of the most annoying roommates, but I think my boy is just used to it because he sleeps right through them. Even though the day started out normal, I knew it would be fantastic because I had this patiently waiting for me in the fridge:

This may not look like anything special, but it combined two of my favorite fall breakfast ingredients: pumpkin and chia seeds!

We shall call this Punkin’ Chia Goodness.

  In the bowl overnight:

  ½ cup pumpkin

  1 oz. chia seeds

Almond milk (not measured, but probably about 2 tbsp.)

 Pumpkin Pie Spice

 Vanilla Extract

 Stevia to sweeten

All mixed up and stowed in the fridge.

All decorated with:

Oikos plain Greek yogurt

Sliced Banana


I was thinking this would also be great topped with warmed sliced apples, peaches, or a nectarine. Also a little maple syrup drizzle would be phenom. I will have to experiment!

While I would have loved to sit down at the dining room table with this beautiful breakfast and a cup of warm coffee; circumstances had me eating this in the car on the way to school. Romantic, no?

So a full day of classes (and a GREAT talk with a new professor in the Psychology department) had my stomach rumbling for my lunch. In comes the handy dandy lunchbox.

All packed up with:

La Tortilla wrap containing:

Sabra Hummus

Lots of nutritional yeast



Are you sick of seeing this yet? Because I am surely not sick of eating it! 😉

I also had two perfectly ripe plums! I sliced them up because these juicy babies are not conducive to eating on-the-go. Believe me, I tried. I failed. Think: sticky mess.

I also packed a peanut butter cookie larabar and an apple for the ride home.

I almost forgot–I rocked this shirt to school:

I actually got a few funny looks, but I also got a few “love your shirt!” comments, so all-in-all I think it balanced out. Would you wear this shirt?

The reason I wanted to wear/buy this shirt goes beyond the simple cuteness factor. I think saying that “smart is cool” is something that should be conveyed to children, and adults alike, from a young age. For whatever reason, unbeknownst to me, being smart is not always looked at as “cool” when growing up. Now I’m not saying that you should always care what others think (in fact I think the opposite)–but kids are impressionable. If a child thinks that being smart will make them less-liked or even made fun of, then they may strive to look “dumb.” For myself and as a parent, I will always deliver the “it’s cool to be smart” message to my child. And if anyone tells him differently (i.e., bullies) I will make certain he realizes that in the future, when it really matters, he will be the one who is at an advantage. I’ve noticed that a lot of the people whom I went to school with, who were seen as the smartest (but maybe not the most socially adept)—now have the best careers! So let’s keep saying: “Yo, Smart is cool!”

Back to the eats. For dinner last night, I went out with a few of my friends who actually don’t know about this little bloggy. They are pretty much my closest (I just typed closet instead of closest, closet girlfriends would have had a much different meaning! Lol) girlfriends—but I still don’t want to reveal it to them just quite yet. It’s kind of embarrassing to have people you’re so close to (besides my family) reading about your day-to-day activities and eats. Hopefully I will tell them someday soon though! Anyway, the point is I don’t have any pictures of my eats! But I’ll tell you what I had anyway!

We went a Mexican Restaurant, so I ate way too many chips and salsa. So addicting! And then I had a fajita veggie quesadilla for my entrée. Healthy? Not at all. Delicious in moderation? Yes! I also enjoyed some sips of my friend’s Papaya margarita! We concluded that this drink had absolutely no alcohol in it, probably because it was half-price margarita night! Oh well, it was still yummy!

Fast forward to today and this morning’s breakfast:

Eggs all scrambled up with mini sweet peppers and feta. And the usual carbs: Arnolds thin with sugar free preserves!

The eye-opener:

Well if anyone is still reading after this book of a post, I hope you have a great Tuesday!

I’m off to do some cleaning, get a work out in, and work on school stuff!

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