Proclaiming my love for mustard…

Hi! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend so far! My goal to get in bed before midnight has not yet commenced, oops! I was in bed at about 1:30 AM last night, but I slept in until 9:00AM so I’ll just say it balanced out. 😉

Yesterday, I worked from 9-5. I have a computer at work, so I did a lot of blog reading, however I don’t have a USB port for my camera—so posting isn’t an option. BUT, I remembered to bring my camera, so get excited for some mediocre and probably quite boring food pictures!

Rewind to yesterday morning, I started my day off with a Pumpkin Spiced Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts. This was way too sweet! Next time I will ask for about half the amount of Pumpkin Spice syrup and then it will be delish! To give it some credit, it really did taste like pumpkin pie! I ended up putting a cup of black coffee in the freezer to chill, and then diluting the iced coffee with more coffee!

Meanwhile, I ate a breakfast that you’ve seen before:

In the bowl:
1 oz Chia Seeds soaked overnight in Almond Milk
Topped with Voskos Blueberry (last one! Must make Whole Foods Trip!)
Fresh Blueberries

Delish! Work was so slow, that of course some mindless munching came into play. In the form of cereal in a mug:

Times 2. You never fail me cereal in a mug, never.

Quaker Oatmeal Squares in the maple flavor with unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. These are so good, but addicting. Beware!

When lunch time rolled around, I opened up my handy dandy lunchbox to throw together a salad of sorts. Just FYI: Whenever I say salad, I am usually referring to a huge bowl of veggies that usually does not include lettuce! So we will call it a veggie bowl. The pictures look very unappetizing, sorry!

Anyway, the bowl of goop contains:
Baby Carrots, 2 Roma Tomatoes, Green Beans, Pickles, Hummus, Nutritional Yeast, and Mustard (Has anyone left yet of out sheer disgust?)

One thing you will notice with me is I often eat like I’m pregnant. Simply meaning I like combinations that many others deem weird! But it works for me! Especially when it comes to mustard–I like mustard on pretty much everything! Sometimes I even crave mustard and pickles.

For some carbage, I had a toasted Arnold Thin with more hummus.

I also had a juicy orange to round out the meal.

For my afternoon snack, I opened up this bar:

Which was not good at all. Bummer. I’ve honestly never opened a bar and NOT finished it, even it was only so-so. But this—let’s just say, I took one bite and had to throw it out. I’ll stick to my Raw Rev Spirulina & Cashew bars from now on. So long, 2 dollars. With my afternoon snack in the garabe, I may or may not have had more cereal in a mug. 😉

Before leaving work, I reused my Dunkin Donuts cup (thoroughly washed people!) to make an iced green tea sweetened with a little stevia.

When I got home, it was nap time + snack time. How old am I that my Friday nights consist of a nap!? Haha But really, my sleep was less than stellar this week and if I am going to get through todays to-do list, a nap was going down. Sorry I’m not sorry! My snacklette was some unpictures special K crackers and cottage cheese. Another snack that never fails.

Anyway, first I caught up on Persons Unknown (one more episode to go)! Then I took a napskie. Then my son, fiancée, and I went to Cappo’s for some dinner. Some pizza loving def. went down. I had a mushroom, banana pepper, and pineapple pizza. Again, I like weird combos—but topped with some crush red pepper, this hit the spot.

Well this brings us up to speed. I am currently caffeinating up and ready to tackle my to-do list. I am trying to keep a “bring it on” attitude with this!

Since at about 5AM, I will be on my way here:

I am bringing my laptop, so hopefully I’ll blog and update from MEXICO.

Have a great Saturday loves,


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