Potato Heads And Corn Dogs: Keepers Of The Crop

Potatoes and corn are two critical crops that share a rich and varied history. The film shows how cultural traditions revolve around food and provides a quirky reminder that in an increasingly global economy, humankind’s very survival may rest with the gatherers of the crops, not the hunters of the beasts. Scientists, activists, consumers and fans of these staple crops share their enthusiasm and growing concern for potatoes and corn. Monoculture and genetic modifications only increase the need to diversify and preserve our food crop sources. Through the film we are given a unique insight into the benefits provided by potatoes and corn as well as the challenges faced by those growing these two crops. Directed by Larry Engel. Produced by Sandy Cannon-Brown.

Introduced by Chris Palmer, Director, Center for Environmental Filmmaking. Discussion with Director Larry Engel and Producer Sandy Cannon-Brown follows screening.

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