Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization

World Premiere Called “one of the world’s most influential thinkers” by The Washington Post, environmentalist Lester Brown has received a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, the United Nations Environmental Prize and Japan’s Blue Planet Prize. Shot on location in Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, New Delhi, Rome, Istanbul, Ankara and Washington, D.C., the film features Lester Brown’s recent visits with world leaders to discuss ways to respond to the challenges of climate change. It begins with a dramatic portrayal of a world where there is a mounting tide of public concern about melting glaciers and sea level rise and a growing sense that we need to change course in how we react to emerging economic and social pressures. The film also spotlights a world where ocean resources are becoming scarce, croplands are eroding and harvests are shrinking. But what makes Plan B significant and timely is that it provides audiences with hopeful solutions – a road map that will help eradicate poverty, stabilize populations and protect and restore our planet’s fisheries, forests, soils and biological diversity. Produced by Emmy-Award winning filmmakers Marilyn Weiner and Hal Weiner.

Introduced by Cristián Samper, Director, National Museum of Natural History. Panel moderated by filmmakers Marilyn Weiner and Hal Weiner follows screening. Panelists include Lester Brown, Earth Policy Institute, Thomas Lovejoy, Professor, College of Science, George Mason University, and Bruce Babbitt, former Secretary of the Interior.

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