Phlebotomy Jobs

The Daily Duties Of A Phlebotomist

First of all, before we begin talking about phlebotomy jobs, let us find out what phlebotomy is and who is a phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy is also known as venipuncture and it is simply the process of drawing a blood sample from a patient for diagnosis or other medical health uses.

A phlebotomist is a professional medical personnel who draws blood samples from patients for the purpose of diagnosing diseases, health problems, lab uses and other medical uses as well.

Talking about phlebotomy jobs, it makes use of a variety of safe ways to collect blood samples for patients for the purpose of lab uses and medical health.

As a phlebotomist, your job entails that you have some knowledge in healthcare and all other aspects of phlebotomy. Nurses and medical interns are allowed to perform phlebotomy on patients. For anyone with an interest in the field of medical health, this profession poses as an easy way to start out and try your skills since the jobs are quite common and many people who often start out in their medical jobs start out as phlebotomists. Also, the training period it takes to become a certified phlebotomist is not a long process at all.

As a phlebotomist, you are required to carry out the following functions as your job. As a basic requirement, you have to learn how to communicate with patients in such a way that calms them and makes them fell comfortable and relaxed around you in order to have a stress free phlebotomy.

Getting basic and helpful information from your patients in order to keep a clean and straight record for the lab is a must, also, you have to be able to explain the process simply to them , calm their tension and in general, cooperation between you and the patient is necessary.

You have to take part in lots of blood collecting tasks and make use of the blood collecting tools which are made available for you to be able to perform a successful phlebotomy. These tools include syringes, vaccutainer tubes and sleeves, butterfly needles and the rest.

You have to be able to properly record the information on the blood samples you collect as well as follow due process to ensure that not only the blood sample but also the patient is properly identified.

You may not be working alone on your phlebotomy job, there could be students assigned to you in most cases who are there for hands-on training, make sure that they are well guided by you and You are to prepare, store, label the blood samples that you collect according to the standard laid down by the lab staff for proper use.

It is a requirement to maintain a stock of phlebotomy tools and equipment on each round of the job. A proper record of this is also required as well.

Phlebotomy jobs are everywhere and in order for one to be qualified to work as a phlebotomist, an educational background is needed.

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