Personal Diet Success Stories

Susan Eacock, yet to be confirmed,

Having been an avid dieter for the last fifteen years I decided to set up a website to help others in the same position as myself. The picture of me was taken a few years ago whilst on holiday in San Francisco. In the picture I was a uk size 10-12: I am striding to get back into that shape again. If you have a success story to tell please mail me with a recent photograph and a brief description of your details and I will be happy to list you on this site.
Good Luck Susan

Sarah Jones, 33, Lost 21 pounds in 3 months

Sarah is on the Weight Watchers diet. She combines dieting with plenty of exercise. In the 5 month she has been on the Weight Watchers diet she has lost an amazing 28 pounds. Sarah’s aim is to be fit, trim and be a size 12 by next summer.

Sarah is 5ft 7 inches tall and size 14 at the moment.

Sarah says ” xxxxx.

Gaynor Clathsworthy, 33, lost 3 stone in 7 months

Gaynor is a lifetime gold member of a weight watchers group in Redditch Worcestershire. Her aim was to be below 10 stone for her wedding in June 2000. It took Gaynor almost 12 months to achieve this. In that time she went from 11 stone 7 pounds to a trim 9 stone 10 pounds losing 25 pounds.

Mary Turner, 59, lost 2 stone in 8 months

Mary was a member of a local Weight Watchers group. She joined the group when her weight reached 11 stone 12 pounds. Mary had many good weeks and plenty of bad weeks but never gave up. Over eighteen months she managed to get her weight down to a
staggering 9 stone 13 pounds.

Mary is 5 ft 2 ins tall and size 12/14
Mary says……..

Ann Sullivan, 38, lost 3 stone in 12 months

Ann has been a Weight Watcher for the last four years. She went from 12 stone 10 pounds to a very slim 9 stone 10 pounds, losing an amazing 3 stone (42 lbs) in 12 months. Ann is a busy working mother of two.

Ann is 5ft 7ins tall.
Ann says..

Maggi Robinson 30+ A new member of Weight Watchers, continues to achieve her goal weight.

Maggie has been a member of Weight Watchers and continues to maintain her weight.
Maggie writes children’s stories in her spare time. She also wrote the Cabbage Soup Story, GOTO Cabbage Soup which she kindly let me put on my Vegetarian page.

Chris Rolph, 50+ A member of a Rosemary Conley club

Chris belongs to a Rosemary Conley group. She manages to keep here weight down by attending the group each week and doing Salsa dancing. This picture of Chris was taken whilst she was on holiday in Singapore. Doesn’t she look great? Try out Chris’s recipe – Chrissies Chick

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