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Simple Steps To Reduce Toxins

Without any extra expense to the non-toxic products to avoid toxic chemicals, there are some really high impact things you can do to reduce your toxic exposure that cost nothing at all. Learn how you can make simple, free changes and have a huge impact on the health of your family.

Open your windows: Indoor air is 2-10 times more toxic than the air outside. From the toxic glues in plywood, MDF and other woods and building materials, VOCs in paint, carpet, flame retardants in carpet padding, couches, the list goes on and on. Open your windows whenever the weather will allow and reduce your air pollution allowing fresh healthy air to circulate.

Leave your shoes at the door: Pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals are brought into your home on the bottom of your shoes. One super easy way to significantly reduce this exposure is to take your shoes off at the door.

Wash your hands: Washing your hands may be the single most effective and simple way to reduce your and your child’s exposure to toxins. We are constantly exposure to a long list of chemicals from flame retardants in toys, remote controls and technology. This is most critical before you eat, so simply wash your hands.

Vacuum and dust: As foams in your couch, carpet padding and other items in your home break down, the chemicals become free and attach to household dust. To control your household dust is by vacuuming and dusting often to reduce the levels of toxic exposure.

Reducing Stress During Your Pregnancy

It is maternal stress during pregnancy which is extremely harmful to your baby and considered as a major factor also. As everyone knows that drugs, alcohol and smoking are all horrible, but the stress part, that’s different.

Several studies have that maternal stress on the fetus may lead to increased risk of ADD / ADHD. And why it because the hormones you produce in response to stressful situations. These hormones then affect the baby’s development and can potentially alter the chemicals and hormones in your baby’s developing brain.

To get out of the problem related with your child, meditate, do yoga, read, practice deep breathing, relax, stretch, exercise…whatever works for you to release some of that stress that can build up on a daily basis. Avoid the situations and people that can cause strain for you. Always think positive thoughts.
For your baby’s sake and yours, do your best to minimize stress. May be you will even have a more peaceful, relaxed, easy going baby as a result.

What are the main characteristics of a toddler boy?

For example, I have a toddler boy that is about to turn two in less that two weeks. He is very aggressive, macho. Rather than hugs he would rather get on my belly and jump up and down, he’s so rambunctious is this normal toddler behavior for a boy. My main question is what are the typical characteristics of a toddler boy and should I be concerned that he is so independent and not really affectionate toward me.I guess I am concerned that I have not nurtured him enough.

What is a good way to cope with the stress of raising children and a household?

My plan when I had my son, was that I would be a stay at home mom for 2 years, but after 6 months, I was going bonkers. I needed to be away from him and be around some adult company more than I realized, so I sent him to a group home daycare part time and got a part time job. This allowed him to be introduced to other people and me to keep some of the hair on my head. It was positive and we all turned out fine. Even when I had a day off, to do house work or something, I would have him go to the sitter so I could have”my”time.Walking with the kids in the stroller alot helped me-get fresh air and have time to think, and if the weather is good, I’ll bet your kids will enjoy the time, fresh air, scenery, and togetherness together. It would be a chance for them to broaden their knowledge about the outdoors. They are at an age where their minds will absorb so much info like a sponge, so give them the knowledge they need, and hang in there!!You’ll thank yourself later and being a mom is hard, but it is so rewarding in the long run.

What age is too late for a toddler to learn a second language?

What i hear the first 5 years are very important in teaching new things. So your on the right track. I just don’t know how far you will get if you don’t know the language yourself unless you learn right along with him. Just start using simple Spanish words to begin with and go from there. I don’t have any ideas to learn it. …Oh the library carries Books on Tape teaching Spanish, maybe you should look there.

What age is the most difficult when raising children?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but teenage years are by far the worst. The mouthy attitude does not stop, just gets worse. So if you can put an end to it now, please do. Once kids get a sense of freedom as they do once they get a little older than yours, it’s harder to keep track of what they do. And teenagers need parents more than little ones do. I know a woman who quit work when her oldest was 13, just to keep an eye on what was going on. It saved her family a lot of heartache because she was up to speed on their school life, after school, friends, and social life. Good luck, honey. The road ahead is still hard for a while. Then they grow up and become good human beings.

How do you deal with different parenting styles?

Yes, but never in front of the children. We sit and negotiate, and never undermine each other. We agreed that when we disagree, it will be away from the kids and if one of us ends up revising punishment, both will explain it to the kids, and the reasons why.No matter what you decide, if you decide to stick together and be consistent, you can make it work. The worst thing you can do to your kids is be inconsistent or let them play one parent against the other.Make a pact to consult each other on important decisions, and to NEVER let in laws interfere.

Why are people so against same sex couples raising children?

Because they are being judgmental.They think they are morally superior.Others may feel that the child will miss out on the missing male (or female) figure – but that can be true in any parenting situation. I know many traditional families where the father is there but emotionally absent. What damage is that doing? I can tell you that is doing something.Kids need the same thing: love, security, stability. Whether that comes from a traditional family, grandparents, adoptive parents, single parents or same sex parents, its all good.

Families helprd by dr shivani sachdev gour

SCI Healthcare team feels privileged to meet many wonderful people from around the world. We are all proud of the contribution we make in helping our clients realise their dream of becoming parents.
Nothing can prepare you
I’m not quite sure what I could write about Dr . Shivani and her team… other than they have made our dreams come true. Choosing to embark on a surrogacy journey is scary as it is without the added consideration of doing surrogacy in another country. When we arrived in India for the first time we were full of mixed emotions, fear, hope and many more.
It took one visit to Dr. Shivani’s office for all those fears to be replaced with excitement at the very thought that we were getting a chance at becoming parents. We were so, so lucky and fell pregnant after our first attempt. I still get emotional every time I think about us receiving confirmation of our pregnancy two weeks after the transfer. There is nothing in this life that can ever prepare you for the emotions you feel when seeing your child’s face for the first time. We look forward to returning to SCI for baby number two in the very near future.

How do I go about sorting an infant school for my daughter?

Go to your local education office, or phone and ask for a list of the schools in your area. You may wish to visit the school or take into consideration as to whether it has any religious affiliation, do they have a pre-school attached which you could attend now so that your child moves into school with friends. You will probably have to fill a form out at the school and may need your child’s birth certificate. The other thing to think about is does the school you choose have a uniform, you may get help with the cost through benefits or Tax credits, but do it now before it’s to late and most of all talk to your child about going to school make it sound really good even if you have had a bad experience. You can also check the ofsted web site for the school reports before you visit.

How can my husband cancel child support to a child who is no longer a minor?

You’ll have to find out who the caseworker is thats dealing with your case. Or you can write to them (make sure you put your case # and such on it) and send it certified mail. The 2 people I have known that had to deal with that ended up still paying until the court decided to look at the records and see the age of the child but they had no arrears and ended up getting that money back? I just suggest you hound everyone at that office until you can talk to someone. OR, you can always give him back the money you get for child support…

What is the best way of supporting an abused child?

You talk openly and honestly. I told my then 5 yr old that it was not appropriate to touch herself in the living room while watching cartoons. I explained masturbation, and that it is a private thing and she needs to close her bedroom door if she wants to do it, because it’s not appropriate for others to see it. She told me what time that she closed her door because she was proud she was following the rules.She is now 7, and she doesn’t do it at all. I imagine she was just curious about her body when she was 5, because that’s way to young. Using the same open method, talk to your kid and let her know what is and isn’t appropriate so that she can unlearn some of the stuff she learned. Teach her to respect her body and that it belongs to her and only her.

How should society support Parents in raising children?

First of all before we decide on what to do about the options you have provided for us; we should establish strong connections with our children; let them know we are behind them 100%, which means we give them full respect. A lot of parents fail at this miserably. They must know that when they havea problem that we, the parents are going to drop everything and go to their aide. They must know how important and cherished that they are.We are society and society is us.

Do you think the majority of parents take parenting seriously?

Absolutely not. To many parents are trying to be their child’s friend and not their child’s parent. I have a life time to be my child’s friend (no-I have no children) and only eighteen years to parent them. I know you don’t stop parenting once they turn eighteen, but by then hopefully one would have done their job and the child is a responsible adult.

How often do you have to burp a young infant?

You have to give a baby a break when they eat. to come up for air. i would usually wait till she was half way done, give her a breather for about a minute then try and burp her. usually that worked. if u burp them too soon they will spit it up, so let ur baby breath before burping

How did your toddler do with teething during the canines?

My mother-in-law got me some”Teething Tablets.”She said they are over-the-counter, but they are kept behind the pharmacy. They are tiny little tablets that crumble or dissolve when put to the gums. They are all natural and my daughter liked them. It’s worth a try. Btw, she got them at Kroger.

What are some great pregnancy and parenting books?

I would also recommend the”follow-up”book What to expect the first year.Lots of really good info, insights, tips for new parents…That way when your in a panic at 2:am you can use the book as a reference and find out what you though was a”calamity”is a perfectly normal or regular thing…

What could cause a child to suddenly start wetting themselves?

There are many and there may be none but you need to get this child to someone that can help you figure it out. Does the school offer any testing or any counseling? He may have been through something that has triggered this and he is afraid to talk about it. I don’t want to upset you but it is your child and your gut must be telling you something, follow it.

What are some great pregnancy and parenting books?

I would also recommend the”follow-up”book What to expect the first year.Lots of really good info, insights, tips for new parents…That way when your in a panic at 2:am you can use the book as a reference and find out what you though was a”calamity”is a perfectly normal or regular thing…

What could cause a child to suddenly start wetting themselves?

You did not say how old the child was but something is going on here and you need to find out what it is. Each child reacts to things differently. Have you sat him or her down starting out very casual about school and what he enjoys /dislikes about it and go into say friends and what he enjoys playing with his/her friends. Once you feel that you have his attention bring up the wetting thing and see if he/she can tell you why they are doing this. Don’t confront be more like a concerned mom and make it a game. Get a calendar and some big red and blue stars tell them that they will get a red star for everyday that they don’t wet their pants and a blue star if they do. But I am sure you know one thing that the child LOVES to do as a reward. First start that he has to have 5 red stars in a row to get the reward and increase it every time he makes it.Make a BIG deal out of it bring his confidence way up!!! Pretty soon you will be well on your way to a dry child.Good luck this worked with mine.

How young can a child start playing ice hockey in Canada?

You can start skating with your child at age 1 or 2. Skating lessons start at age 2 though.In Calgary, beginner hockey starts at age 4 which is the first sort of league.Then tyke hockey is age 5-6 Novice is 7-8 and that is when it is more of a true league, rather than a parent/coach-aided game.

What is the law about leaving a toddler alone in a car in Illinois?

My daughter attends a very nice preschool in illinois. There is a woman with a 2 year old that constantly leaves her in her van to go get her other daughter. The toddler is always unbuckeled and sometimes is even eating snacks that can easily be choked on. The toddler plays with all the cars controls and the whole situation can be potentially harmful. What is the law? The school is not a quick pick up, you wait in a line with 36 other parents and go down 2 long halls, the vehilcle isn’t even in sight!

What is the best free online parenting class to take?

Good on you for trying to be a better parent! I don’t know of any parenting classes online that you can take but you can study as much as possible. There are many great parenting sites out there that give several different perspectives on parenting school-aged children. Just read articles, learn new techniques, and implement them. I’m not sure what a parenting class [online or not…] could teach you that simply researching can’t but maybe that’s just me. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a website but I hope I’ve helped in some way.

How do you make parenting decisions with your significant other?

My sons dad and i are separated, but still communicate regularly for the benefit of our son, and when we’ve had to make specific decisions, we’ve talked about it and listened to each others opinions, decided which we both thought would work, tried it and if it didn’t work, try the next thing.I think its best to both contribute, and different ideas can work together with compromise.

How long are babies in a toddler bed?

I am considering purchasing a toddler size quilt. I realize I can use this in the crib and then use it in the toddler bed (when I transition from the crib to the bed). The crib converts into a toddler bed with the same size mattress. What I want to know is how old children are when they are too big/too tall to fit in the toddler bed and need a regular twin bed. I am trying to figure out how many years worth of use I will get out of this quilt before it is too small. The quilt would be too small for a twin bed but perfect for a toddler bed.


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