• Old Ironsides

    Old Ironsides

    Set at the time of Stephen Decatur’s defeat of the Barbary pirates in Tripoli, the film follows three young men who join the Merchant Marines, particularly an able-bodied seaman and his romantic interest, a damsel-in-permanent-distress. Based on the poem, “Constitution,” by Oliver Wendell Holmes, a reconstruction of the USS Constitutionactually appears in the film. Starring

  • Mobile Resources

    Mobile apps and resources for physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals. Health Sciences Library Medical Apps OnLive Desktop OnLive Desktop delivers a seamless Microsoft® Windows® desktop experience with cloud-accelerated Web browsing with full Adobe® Flash. Instant-response multi-touch gestures enable complete and convenient viewing and editing of even the most complex documents, with high-speed transfer from

  • Pre Surgical Testing

    The Pre-Surgical Testing Unit is dedicated to meeting the concerns of our pre-operative patients. A visit to Pre-Surgical Testing gives each patient having surgery at Lutheran Medical Center the opportunity to incorporate all testing, health history reviews, physical exam, and pre-surgical teaching into one visit. Pre-Surgical Testing Guidelines Preoperative Medical Evaluation Form Preoperative Medical Evaluation Form

  • Of Time And The City

    Of Time And The City

    Both a love song and a eulogy to the city of Liverpool, this film is a response to memory, reflection and the experience of losing a sense of place as the skyline changes and time takes its toll. Terence Davies returns to his native Liverpool and to his filmmaking roots, capturing a sense of the

  • TDR’s Internship & Announcement

    TDR’s Internship & Announcement

    Lectures Dr. Eugene Tsui’s lecture presentations at the following locations and times: Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts – May 14 through May 20, 2012 Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York – May 20 through May 23, 2012 California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California – May 24 through May 27, 2012 Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, University of California Berkeley,

  • Nora


    Nora Pouillon brings much more to the table than fine ingredients. Three decades after opening Restaurant Nora, the nation’s first certified organic restaurant, Nora continues to advocate a holistic organic lifestyle that is the foundation for both her cuisine and her commitment to living and eating sustainably.  Nora! celebrates her achievements and her efforts to