• It’s almost Friday! :)

    It’s almost Friday! 🙂

    Hey guys! Whew, this day flew by! I did a lot of dinner prep this afternoon (post to come tomorrow) and then I got a good work-out in. I did 4.25 miles in about 50 minutes while watching the newest episode of the Biggest Loser. This was obviously a jog/walk combination. It was schweaty, nonetheless!

  • Chowing on Chobani: Green Monster

    Chowing on Chobani: Green Monster

    When your freezer is full of frozen fruit, you have fresh baby spinach in your fridge, and a Chobani is calling your name—what do you do? Why, make a Chobani-infused Green Monster of course! Start with 2 huge handfuls of spinach + a bit of Coconut Milk. Blend until smooth. Add frozen fruit of choice.

  • Pimped Out Pumpkin Smoothie

    Pimped Out Pumpkin Smoothie

    Hey dolls, I hope you are having a fabulous Thursday! I have the day off and I can’t decide what to do! Not because there aren’t enough options, but because there are in fact too many things that I’d like to do! That’s not really a problem though, is it? Don’t forget to enter my

  • A Healthy Twist on an Old Classic

    Last night, my son had his cousin sleep over. It had been a long day (4 hours at the YMCA!) and when they were hungry for dinner, I thought to myself: what can I make that is quick and easy without sacrificing nutrition. Enter: Healthified Whole Grain Kraft Mac n’ Cheese I would have preferred to use

  • savory kale breakfast socca [w/an egg]

    And here it is – the third meal for the change it up challenge. Despite the fact that three seems like such a small number, it was actually pretty challenging to come up with three new meals this week! I am so accustomed to making effortless meals that I kind of forgot what it’s like

  • Black Bean & Corn Salad + Sweet Socca

    You know it’s the weekend when you get to wake up sans alarm clock. Waking up on my own accord is so much better than waking up to 10 rounds of obnoxious beeping! Luckily for me, my 8-year enjoys a good sleep-in as well! In fact last night he told me: ‘ahh, I can’t wait