OkA! Amerikee

Washington, D.C. Premiere Deep in the vast equatorial forest, one ancient tribe remains: the Bayaka pygmy people of Central Africa, among the last hunter-gatherers on earth. Oka! Amerikee transports the audience to the Bayaka’s magical world where music and friendship change the future. Bayaka are known for their acute hearing. (‘Oka!’ means ‘listen!’ in Akka.) When Sataka hears a new, menacing sound, he uses magic to call ‘Big Ear,’ his friend Larry, back from New York. Larry returns home to the village of Yamondo – unaware he is bringing trouble with him. Based on a true story, from a manuscript of renowned ethnomusicologist Louis Sarno, this feature narrative captures the music, dance, humor and exuberance of the Bayaka, as well as the harsh realities they endure in equatorial Africa. Starring Kris Marshall, Isaach de Bankolé, Will Yun Lee and the Bayaka of Yandombe. Directed by Lavinia Currier. Produced by James Bruce and Lavinia Currier. Official Selection, 2010 Telluride Film Festival.

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