Mysteries of the Deep

The Changing Sea and Mysteries of the Deep are episodes of the series “One Ocean,” from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s program, “The Nature of Things with David Suzuki.”

Can cutting-edge technologies allow us to truly experience, for the first time, the three-dimensional world of the deep ocean? Join a team of scientists making dramatic new underwater discoveries on an international expedition to the Mariana Arc, on the Pacific Rim of Fire. Venturing deeper and deeper into the planet’s last frontier, their submersible ROV plumbs the depths of the ocean, finding outlandish deep-sea dwellers that are beyond our wildest imaginings. While the thrill and excitement of peering into these extreme environments is palpable, at the same time that we begin to unravel their mysteries, we’re also mining the sea of many species. Narrated by David Suzuki. Episode 3. Produced by CBC and Merit Motion Pictures, in association with National Geographic Channels International. “One Ocean” series produced by Caroline Underwood. Executive Producer, Merit Jensen Carr.

Introduced by Alexa Rosentreter, General Manager, Merit Motion Pictures Inc.

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