Mr. Bene Goes To Italy

U.S. Premiere Benedito Batista da Silva, 60 years old, is considered a reference when it comes to manioc flour production in the Brazilian Pará State, deep within the Amazon. This documentary shows his trip from Bragança to Turin and back home. The encounter of different cultures, of small-scale farmers from all over the world and the enchantment of coming into contact with European culture blends with the profound affective bond Mr. Bené forges with his Italian host family. The film is about breaking barriers, whether cultural, economical or even physical, in this amazing anthropological adventure whose premise is that hope still exists for small Brazilian farmers. Directed by Manuel Carvalho.

Introduced by Brooke Rosenblatt, Manager, Public Programs and In-Gallery Interpretation, The Phillips Collection and Rita Venturelli, Director, Italian Cultural Institute. Discussion with Slow Food DC Chapter Co-Leaders Kati Gimes and Raymond Litman follows screenings.

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