Milking The Rhino

A ferocious kill on the Serengeti… warnings about endangered species… These clichés of nature documentaries ignore a key landscape feature: villagers just off-camera, who navigate the dangers and costs of living with wildlife. The Maasai of Kenya and Namibia’s Himba – two of Earth’s oldest cattle cultures – are in the midst of upheaval. After a century of “white man conservation,” which displaced them and fueled resentment towards wildlife, they are vying to share the wildlife-tourism pie. Community-based conservation tries to balance the needs of wildlife and people; it has even been touted by environmentalists as a “win-win situation.” The reality is more complex. Charting the collision of ancient ways with Western expectations, Milking the Rhino tells intimate, hopeful and heartbreaking stories of people facing deep cultural change. Written and directed by David Simpson. Co-Produced and originated by Jeannie Magill.

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