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causes of mental tension

Mental health is condition mind well-being in society and decision making capability. but due to different causes people suffer from mental tension. bourdan of work ,responsibility on better perform of work cause people tension.

How to take care of Mental Health

You can take care of mental health by taking supplements which are useful to reduce problem of mental health. As I heard in one of the article that nootropic is the best supplement for solving these kind of problems.

Mental problem causes headache

The mental illness can affect the way you feel pain, especially headaches. It is thought that tension-type headaches most commonly accompany depression, although depressed individuals can suffer from migraines or other types of headaches as well. For solving this problem you can take supplements which are useful to reduce headache.

How to take care of Mental Health

Everyone should take care of their mental health otherwise the depression can lead to the health disorders. There are some major things that you can do throughout your daily life that will aid in the prevention of Depression and some of the other major mental health disorders.

The first thing that you can do for yourself is to develop a positive attitude when it comes to your outlook of life. Also the researchers have done studies that have shown, by having a positive attitude throughout your life may not only lengthen your life a bit, but also cure you of some physical ailments.

In addition, by following meditation you can develop positive attitude and that will definitely help you to prevent some of the major mental health disorders like depression and schizophrenia.

How Mindful Meditation Can Reverse Depression

In modern days the major health issues are linked to high levels of stress. This mindful meditation can reduce stress, relieve depression and anxiety and it can lower your blood pressure. Also these modern health issues are linked to high levels of stress.

The meditation allows people to release stress, lower blood pressure, calm the brain, and oxygenate the body, lessening and reversing stress-related disorders. It can strengthen the immune system, aid in weight loss; improve sleep, and helps patients suffering from chronic illnesses to cope with pain.

Moreover, the mindful meditation helps the brain block fight or flight response, and allows the brain to redirect your reaction to a constructive or positive experience. This program helps the brain to tolerate higher levels of stress, and quickly diminishes the anxiety, guilt, anger, sadness, shame, and emotional addiction that you have been building all of your life.

2 Keys to Optimum Mental Fitness

Most people know the importance of regular physical exercise. Few people know, however, that proper psychological fitness training is also very important for overall health and optimum well-being.
Indeed, just as stretching, cardio and strength training are the three foundation stones of physical fitness (along with adequate sleep and healthy nutrition, of course) there are also three crucial components of psychological or emotional fitness, namely affirmation, visualization, and relaxation.

1.Affirmation: Basically, affirmation involves self-talk and thus recruits the dominant cerebral hemisphere (the so called “left brain” in most, right-handed people). Simply stating to yourself certain positive messages actually activates specific neural pathways that when strengthened tend to promote self-esteem and well-being. For example, reminding yourself of things like “I’m okay just the way I am;” and “I’m a good person even if I make mistakes;” or “I’m good enough, I don’t have to be perfect” will buoy up mood and positive self-regard.

2.Visualization: In essence, visualization activates the non-dominant or “right brain” in most people thus exercising important neural structures that further enhance optimism, confidence, and personal effectiveness.

Is Soul-loss is the main source of unhappiness in Western society?

The Soul is unconscious field of ‘feeling’ including all memories of your life. If you experience something unpleasant in a subjective sense is too crushing and the soul gets wounded. It happens especially during childhood when the capacity of rationalize the experience is not yet fully developed then the soul-less easily comes into existence.

Here the automatic reaction of the pain is to shield it off and try to forget it. Also this isolation is like a wall around everything that represents the experienced pain. The parts of the Soul are still linked to the life world, emotions and reactions of that small child.

Healing Soul-loss can be treated in a relative short time. It makes use of wider states of consciousness where transformation can take place. By transforming the pain and emotions at the root of the problem, one experiences a more balanced state at all levels of experience.

Walk Your Way to Stress Relief

The walking has been found as natural way to treat many kinds of emotional aliments, including stress and anxiety. The one who takes time out to walk everyday can attest to the truth and it has a profoundly positive impact on one’s life.

Walking can do wonders for your outlook and taking a brisk walk everyday can clear your mind and keep your mind focused to make more productive. It is necessary to focus on pace of life and activities into consideration and it is absolutely necessary.

There are many things to achieve in walking and you need to plan your route so that you are walking in pleasant area. Even you can bring a MP3 player with your favorite tunes and be sure you are walking in a comfortable pace. Moreover, you should remember that your goal is to relieve stress and lastly be sure to bring a bottle of water. In addition, a good brisk walk can relieve the mental stress as well as lower the blood pressure and strengthen the lungs and heart.

How Mindful Meditation Can Help Improve Health

Practicing mindfulness meditation improves both mental and physical health and it is a powerful tool to improve the quality of life. As we continue with daily mindful meditation practice, we begin to utilize mindfulness into our daily relationships, interactions, and in all other aspects of our lives.

The mindfulness is consciously paying attention of what is happening in the present moment and it provides the foundation to let go of unhealthy habitual thoughts. Also it is a systematic way of ending needless suffering by developing awareness and bringing more clarity, acceptance, balance and ultimately more contentment and joy into one’s life.

It also helps to improve the health in various stages of depression, anxiety, life transitions, grief, relationship conflict, chronic and acute physical and emotional conditions, sleep disorders, trauma, eating disorders and substance abuse benefit from mindfulness based interventions and treatment.

How to Use Meditation to Improve Your Health

Nowadays everyone’s lives are so busy that one is surrounded with so much of tension and stress. In everyday lives, our brains are often filled with so many thoughts that will cause physical reaction on the body. Meditation is easy way to get started and it can really improve your health.

Moreover, Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind and easing the body into a calm and relaxed state. The stress is the number one reason and it can cause everything from headaches to stomach disorders to heart attacks. So by the practice of meditation can help you to calm and center the mind so muscles relax, digestion eases and blood pressure lowers naturally. Also here are few easy ways to get started to meditation.

1) Find a quiet room where you will not be disturbed.
2) Turn the lights down low, sit in a comfortable chair with your hands on your lap, palms facing upward.
3) Close your eyes and take several slow deep breaths.
4) Then, allow your breathing to slow and focus only on the feeling of the air flowing in and out of your nostrils.
5) It is normal for your attention to wander quite a bit. When it does, just bring it gently back to your breathing.

Moreover, there are so many types of meditations to control your stress.

Health Benefits of Meditation Practice

Today meditation is very popular all over the world as it has positive effects on everyone’s life. Using meditation to relieve stress is a common practice and can really have a positive effect if applied regularly.

Meditation has many benefits and the research shows that those who regularly meditate have improved health both physically and mentally. This approach is centered on increased awareness and living in the moment.

Emotions and thoughts may arise in the course of meditation, but you learn how to navigate them without holding on or passing judgment. Mindfulness requires that the practitioner focus on breathing and the flow of breath in and out of the body. In addition, experts told that meditation can be particularly helpful in managing chronic illness, like arthritis, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, among others.

How You Can Benefit from Meditation

Meditation is the best method in your daily life to reduce stress and find peace of mind. For every person once the outside forces are under control, the meditation is able to reach the state of deep and refreshing relaxation. It also depends on how far the individual can reach and find the space and place of complete serenity and it can help to reinvigorate the body, mind and perhaps the soul.

In addition, it is a wonderful feeling that anyone who meditates will tell you the worth time taken. Your mind is stimulated, your awareness and your soul is in a state of peace and serenity. Life is made much fuller as you reach a higher level of being, as negative emotions are reduced.

Try to make meditation a part of your weekly routine and it will help you so much in your quest for a healthier body and a more productive life. It helps the body to relax completely so that the person can block our as much stress and distraction as possible.


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Is It Depression or a Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a widespread mental disorder that is characterized by several episodes of exciting depression or lows. For this disorder one can go for different therapy like Light Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Group Therapy and Family Therapy.

Anger issue

Hi, i am 36 years old i have a fantastic wife and 3 amazing boys life was good until we have a argument.
it dosent happen everytime but for some reason when in these arguments i get into a silly rage and do stuff like raise my fists and punch stuff, i have never hit my wife but this has ruined my relationship with here and as a result we have split, i never wanted to admitt this problem but after the last time i feel ashamed of myself, i dont know why i do it it is childish and upsetting for her, does anybody have the same issues??

What are the good things about mental illness?

Well, different from everyone else. That is how I see it. My emotional highs provide me with lots of fun time. I find everything great and I can be occupied for hours on one thing.The downside is pretty bad. Very bad depression and all that comes with very bad depression.

Can some mental problems be caused by malnutrition?

I have been diagnosed with depression and bi-polar disorder.My psychiatrist recommended I eat healthier because the levels in your brain are more balanced when you’re eating healthier, which will keep you happier. It’s not necessary fruits and veggies, it’s keeping fatty things out of your diet, and not splurging too much. You don’t have to eat salad, but instead of getting fried chicken, try grilled, just stuff like that helps.good luck.

What mental health services could you benefit from?

Well developed and well managed community mental health services are actually associated with low suicide rates. Hence, mental health services for the masses can be improved by focusing on the community based and specialized mental health services.

What are some websites/books for mental health specialist skills?

Mental health nursing jobs are available for qualified nurses who wish to work in this type of setting. The need for professionals in the area of mental health is on the rise.


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