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We’ve come a long way in ten years. Please join us in commemorating a decade of local organic food by making a contribution to Marin Organic today. See where we’ve been, and where we’re headed, by reading below. We didn’t get here alone, and cannot do it without you.

Over the past decade, Marin Organic has worked tirelessly with stakeholders throughout the region to advance and promote organic agriculture and food production in Marin. In collaboration with our partners, we have reached many milestones since 2001, from an increase of 400 to 20,000 acres in certified organic acreage, a school lunch program that provides access to locally produced, nutritious ingredients for 10,000 children every week, and a countywide ban on planting GMO crops, to name just a few. Ten years ago, Marin County’s organic agricultural industry comprised just 6% of the county’s total agricultural production and was valued at $3.3 million. Today, it is valued at nearly $18 million – one-third of the county’s entire agricultural production. Now that’s a milestone!

The most significant impact of all these accomplishments, however, is unquantifiable. From fertile soil to clean water and clear air, Marin is not just visually stunning, it is home to thriving ecosystems, teeming with wildlife and checkered with vibrant farms and ranches. Farmers markets, grocery store shelves and menus at local restaurants abound with local, organic products from Marin Organic producers. Even lunch trays at local schools and boxes at the county’s food pantries brim with healthy ingredients gleaned and donated by Marin Organic – 160,000 pounds to date.

Indeed, the last ten years have been transformational. Thanks to the vision and hard work of Marin Organic’s founders and producers, as well as many dedicated stakeholders and Friends, we have turned what were once scattered dots on a map into an inter-connected food system offering both producers and consumers a thriving market for local, organic food options, and a healthy environment in which to work, live and play.

And we’ve only just begun…

In the next decade, Marin Organic will continue developing and improving the critical components of a local food system that nourishes our health, protects the environment and bolsters our local economy. We cannot do it alone! Join us in making the next ten years as revolutionary as the first. Your donation today will help us to:

Marin Organic co-founders Albert Straus, Straus Family Creamery (the first organic
creamery west of the Mississippi) and Sue Conley, Cowgirl Creamery (producers of
high quality organic cheeses).

expand consumer education about the benefits of local, organic food production

provide one-on-one support and develop new markets for farmers, ranchers and food producers

increase the reach of our farm-to-school programs and service to low-income communities, and

further our partnerships on ground-breaking projects such as the Farmer Veteran Coalition, Marin Carbon Project and West Marin Compost, to name a few.

In 2005, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla visited Marin County to experience
our local organic food and agriculture. They are seen here at the Point Reyes
Farmers Market, of which Marin Organic is the fiscal sponsor.

Join us in commemorating our 10th Anniversary by making a one-time donation or becoming a Friend of Marin Organic.

Friend memberships range from just $40/year ($5/month) per family, to Full Tilth Friends who receive a private tour for 10 people at a Marin Organic farm, ranch or artisan operation. At all levels in between, Friends enjoy savory benefits, and every Friend of Marin Organic receives exclusive discounts and invitations to members-only events. For details about becoming a Friend of Marin Organic today, click here.

For more about our achievements and milestones over the past decade, read the letter from Marin Organic President, Peggy Smith, and Executive Director, Adrienne Baumann, to our supporters and Friends, announcing our 10th Anniversary!

Together, we can continue to sow the seeds of a food system in which everyone and everything thrives.

Marin Organic’s logo has become the symbol of high quality,
organic food grown by our 40 organic producers.

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