Lupus Symptoms

Lupus is an autoimmune condition wherein the immune system harms the healthy tissue and cells in the body. Individuals with lupus display varied symptoms based on the particulars of each case. These symptoms may be mild in some cases while severe in others. Some common and painful lupus symptoms include swollen and painful joints along with fatigue and unexplained fever.

A red skin rash called malar or butterfly rash is often one of the commonly observed lupus symptoms and it can be seen to appear across a patient’s cheeks and the nose. The rash may also be seen on the upper arms, face and the ears, chest, hands and the shoulders as well. People suffering from lupus are quite sensitive to sunlight and skin rashes tend to get worse on exposure to sunlight. So people with lupus often have to wear sun screen agents and avoid exposure to ultraviolet light.

Some other lupus symptoms include chest pain particularly on deep breathing, loss of hair, unexplained fever, photo sensitivity, swollen legs and eyes, mouth and nose ulcers, fatigue and swollen glands. The symptoms of this condition may appear for some time and then disappear. Other symptoms include paleness or purple color in toes and fingers because of stress and cold.

Some people suffering from lupus may experience certain lupus symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, confusion, seizures and depression. Many people experience new and different symptoms and these symptoms may appear after the initial diagnosis and in some cases different symptoms may be observed at different points of time. In some cases only one part or system of body may be affected and this may include the joints or the skin. In some other cases individuals may experience varied symptoms in different parts.

The extent to which a person may be affected with lupus symptoms varies from case to case. Some patients may experience severe symptoms such as kidney inflammation and this can be determined from a swelling in the ankles. Some people may develop inflammation in the chest cavity lining. This can cause chest pain particularly when the patient tries to breathe. In some patients the condition can even affect the central nervous system and this can cause dizziness, headaches, vision problems, stroke, seizures and other changes in the behavior.

Vasculitis or inflammation of blood vessels may also be observed in some cases and some people may experience inflammation of the heart. Women suffering from lupus and who are pregnant are at a great risk of suffering from premature birth or experiencing a miscarriage. Those patients who have a history of possible kidney disease are at a greater risk of preeclampsia.

Some other lupus symptoms may include dry eyes, depression, anxiety, memory loss and easy bruising. Skin rashes, fatigue, aching joints, slight fever and anemia are most commonly seen in lupus patients. Following the treatment plan is important to ensure that the problems associated with lupus are managed properly. A healthy diet plan and moderate exercise along with minimizing of stress can help in reducing the symptoms and problems of this condition.

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