Lung Cancer

What is lung cancer?

Lung cancer is broken into 2 main catagories. Small Cell and Non Small Cell. Although it is uncommon, it is possible that characteristics of both types of lung cancer are present. If this happens, it is called a mixed small cell-large cell carcinoma. In addition to the two main types of lung cancer, other rare types such as sarcomas, and lymphomas can also occur.Named for the small round cells that make up this cancer, small cell lung cancer accounts for a much smaller percentage of lung cancer cases than non-small cell lung cancer. SCLC is broken down into three different categories. Small cell carcinoma, mixed small call/large cell carcinoma and combined small cell carcinoma. Each of these different types of lung cancer grows and spread in a different way. Because the cancer cells multiply quickly, SCLC often spreads throughout the body, and although the main cause of SCLC is smoking, there are other risk factors as well, including exposure to second hand smoke, asbestos and radon.Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Non-small cell lung cancer or (NSCLC) is a much more common form of lung cancer. NSCLC can be broken down into three different types of lung cancer based on the size, shape and chemical composition of the cancer. These types are squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and large-cell undifferentiated carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma is often associated with smoking and is generally found near a bronchus. Unlike squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma is usually found around the outer regions of the lung. Adenocarcinoma is the most common form of NSCLC – especially among women. Large-cell undifferentiated carcinoma can appear in any part of the lung, and often grows and spreads quickly.The symptoms and risk factors linked to non-small cell carcinoma are very similar to those associated with small cell lung cancer, however, these different types of lung cancer are often treated differently.

What are the treatments for lung cancer?

lung cancer is being diagnosed by the x-ray, biopsy mainly the treatment part is it we have the surgical removal either partly or totally and radio therapy chemo therapy only in non invasive and stage one the longevity could be predicted in other cases es the complication over rid the disease result in fatality.

What is the percentage of lung cancer patients that are smokers?

According to the National Institutes Of Health,”Thus noted that 85 percent to 90 percent of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking, which translates into roughly 1.4 million lung cancer deaths across the globe each year.”

Why are some people so insensitive to people with lung cancer?

You are right nobody deserves that kind of treatment, my good friends father has just been diagnosed w/ lung cancer, it is an awful, painful, cancer. and why does he deserve this cancer? because he smokes? Come on now, what about the people who get lung cancer who don’t smoke? Some people are so insensitive.

Does anyone have (or know anyone with) stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer? How long disease

Non-small cell cancer can spread through the lymphatic system and through the blood. It can directly invade also to involve the center of the chest (mediating), the lining of the chest, the ribs or, if it is in the top part of the lung, the nerves and blood vessels leading into the arm. When non-small cell lung cancer enters the bloodstream, it can spread to distant sites such as the liver, bones, brain and other places in the lung.

The cancer has spread to distant sites plus the following if the tumor has spread:

Severe headaches

Double vision

Pain in bones, chest, abdomen, neck or arms Physical examination: enlarged liver or other abdominal mass Bone scan or bone biopsy CT scan of liver or adrenal glands liver biopsy PET, CT or MRI scans of the brain

Chemotherapy: Platinum drug combined with Taxol, Taxotere, Gemzar or Navelbine appear to be more effective than simple palliative care. Additionally, they may relieve symptoms and reduce tumor size
5 year: less than 5%

Treatment of stage IV non-small cell lung cancer may include the following:

External radiation therapy as palliative therapy, to relieve pain and other symptoms and improve the quality of life.

  • Chemotherapy.
  • Laser therapy and/or internal radiation therapy.
  • Clinical trials of chemotherapy.
  • Clinical trials of biologic therapy.

I smoked for 27 years a pack or so a day. What are my chances of getting lung cancer

High chances of lung cancer or one of the many other things that come from smoking. Hope you’re one of the lucky ones who can smoke like a chimney and be fine

if passive smoking causes lung cancer how many pets have died from passive smoking?

No but if passive smoke hurts humans and dogs breath the same air and are susceptible to cancer….it only goes to show that there is that probability. But most of the cancer in our pets are due to the food we feed them.

what are my chance of getting lung cancer?

Try to avoid him whenever he smokes, maybe go outside when he smokes (or inside if he does it outside). Your chances aren’t all that high but still you could get lung cancer from secondhand smoke.

How long will you live with stage 4 lung cancer?

It really depends on the tissue type (small cell lung cancer /squamous /large cell etc) and the degree to which the cancer has spread in the body. If this is small cell lung cancer usually less than 6 months. For others type of lung cancers at stage 4 it can range from a few weeks to 2 years.

Nobody can really tell you how long.As stated above,it depends on the type of cancer and the individual. Unfortunately, stage 4 is a very late stage and the 5 year survival for all types is around 1-3%.

How can lung cancer(tumor) spread to the brain?

Cancer spreads through the lymphatic system. Once that system is infected, it usually means that the disease is terminal. Docs will usually quit treatments and just make the person comfortable for the remainder of the time they have left when this happens.

Lung cancer cells can metastasize to the brain through blood circulation. It’s possible for small or microscopic cancer cells to travel throughout the body in this way. This is one reason that oncologist recommend systemic chemotherapy because it follows the same paths as the cancer does through the blood circulation.

What percentage of smokers get lung cancer or emphysema?

This statistic is elusive. I looked at American Lung Assoc. website and found some statistics surrounding that. Here it goes. about 20% of Americans smoke, that’s about 58 million people. There are 438,000 deaths per year directly attributed to smoking. So, less than one percent of smokers die from smoking each year.

My uncle has been diagnosed with lung cancer and given less than a year to live?

Im really sorry about your uncle. First of all I would recommend the chemo because my aunt has breast cancer and she did chemo for a while and the cancer went into remission and hasn’t been back for about 3 years! Sometimes chemo doesn’t work and the side effects aren’t spectacular but your uncle might want to give it a shot. Remember, its what your uncle wants. Also, just praying to God and asking for help is the best thing you can do for your uncle!

What are the odds of getting lung cancer if you smoke? 1 out of 50, 1 out of 20?

The odds are depend ant upon many factors such as how “many” cigarettes you smoke each day your size and lung capacity. how deeply you inhale and the brand of cigarettes you smoke. Try Pall Mall non filtered for instance. I started on em at about 9 yrs old started smoking regular at by age 15-16 (Marlboro reds and quit 16 years ago. No outward signs of damage. No problems i know about. yet. George Burns smoked big nasty cigars till he was 100. I quit but might not make it to be 100. You just never know what the odds really are. Realistically there are so many types of cancer that if you don’t die young from something tragic then you will most likely die of some type of cancer. or heart attack. 50/50??

Does Marijuana help prevent lung cancer?

I heard that too but I have also heard it doesn’t. Weed may have no side effects as they say but it can cause mental illness. That is what new research is telling us. I am not for or against weed. so I am just saying what I have heard.

Do you think that smoking causes lung cancer?

Homomorphism. YES

How long does someone live after being diagnosed at stage IV with lung cancer?

It really depends on what type of lung cancer it is and if the person is receiving treatment. I only have experience with small-cell lung cancer which spreads very rapidly. If it is small-cell then the prognosis is usually 1-6 months after diagnosis. The person will go downhill very fast. If my Mother hadn’t been put on a respirator she would have been dead 3 weeks after diagnosis but she received chemo and radiation and survived 4 1/2 months, but my Father-in-law also with small-cell lung cancer received no treatment and died 5 weeks after diagnosis. My Mother suffered terribly for nearly 2 months (confined to a bed, pain, unaware of surroundings, unable to do anything) whereas my Father-in-law suffered as my mother did for only 2 days.

If a person has lung cancer, does surgery on the lung speed up missed cancer cells?

No, this is not true. It is possible the surgeon can miss some microscopic cancer cells, but having the surgery will not make it grow any faster.

Can you survive lung cancer?

Yes, you can survive lung cancer. But you need to understand that survival depends on many, many factors. first you need the exact name of the cancer. Is this a primary lung cancer or a secondary lung cancer? You will than need to know the grade and stage of the disease. You will also need to factor in your friends age, overall health, and his response to treatment.

Cancer is complicated and you will receive contradictory responses based on what others have experienced. What you should know is that medical science when it concerns cancer is changing rapidly. What was true or known six months ago may already be dated.

I would encourage your friend to go to a designated comprehensive cancer facility where they treat this type of disease. I would also encourage him to read and do the research to locate the best possible treatment available. If it is not possible to go to these facilities, it may be possible for his primary oncologist to confer with them.

Is “lung cancer” cure-able at the age 53 for female patient?

I can not say if you will make it or not i don’t think anybody on here could but i do want to say this since you asked this question. DO NOT GIVE UP FIGHTING!!! My mom never did she didn’t make it but she went down still fighting and i admire her for that. She was and still is my hero!!! She passed away in June 2002 from breast cancer at age 48.But in her case they caught it to late because the doctors were not doing chest X-rays like they were supposed to be doing after she was in remission the first time she fought the battle. Her cancer came back in the small amount of tissue left on her right breast after her mastectomy. They were not checking it properly and it went undiscovered for a good while. basically long enough for it to spread around her wind pipe killing any hope of RT and into her left lung by the time it was caught.

Emphysema and possible chance of lung cancer?

lost both of my parents to emphysema. my father pasted within three or four years, never quit smoking and didn’t follow doctor advice, my mother lived 11 years plus, she followed doctor advice and gave up smoking. both had trouble their last years but mom was around to see her grandchildren. brings tears to my eyes still. u have my prayers. tough love and you can all enjoy the life she has with her still. helping her will help you, i know. be there for her… and she will always be with you.

Alternative medicine (herbal medicine) and small cell lung cancer. Does it help where?

Oncologists treat cancer. I’d trust them. For mild stomach ache, I would try an herbal remedy but if you want to try herbal things for cancer, focus on herbal stress relief such as chamomile, and herbal remedies that will help retain strength while the chemo goes on.

Which is the worst lung cancer to have small cell or large cell and can it go to the brain?

Lung cancer is divided into small-cell and non-small-cell types. Over 80 percent of lung cancer cases fall into the non-small-cell category which actually covers a variety of types of lung cancer which basically do not fit in the small-cell category and which are basically treated the same way.  Small cell Lung Cancer is very aggressive, so if I had to have lung cancer, I’d hope that mine would be a non-small-cell type. Most small cell lung cancer is caused by smoking and this type of lung cancer is rarely found in non-smokers. It can spread rapidly to bones, other organs and yes, unfortunately, the brain. Non-small-cell types can also spread to these places, but not as quickly and, hopefully, the cancer can be caught and treated before such spread.

How come some smokers never get lung cancer?

lung cancer is a possible consequence of smoking but not everyone develops it. Think of it like this: when you get in a car you run the risk of getting into an accident, but everyone who gets into a car doesn’t get into an accident.

Smoking and lung cancer smart people only please?

In extremely general terms, damage to DNA occurs that is not repaired correctly for whatever reason. Mutations may cause certain gene products (proteins) to be made in larger or smaller amounts, or to be more enzymatic ally active or less active.

There are certain genes, known as oncogenes, that if they become dis regulated and over expressed or too active, can influence the cell to grow and divide even when external signals are telling it not to. On the flip side, tumor suppressors normally inhibit growth and act to stop cells from dividing when they shouldn’t. If mutations occur to reduce the expression of tumor suppressor genes or mess them up so they don’t work, they no longer provide this safeguard.

Once cells start dividing without the normal safeguards that make them responsive to external signals that tell them not to divide, and make them check their DNA and make sure everything is OK before they divide, things can get even more out of whack.

Types of lung cancer it sounds like swamis?

Lung cancer is the most com on cause of cancer related death in both men and women. there are two general types of lung cancer small cell and non small cell, small cell cancer grows fastest.

Lung cancer can cause a persistent cough, sputum with blood, chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, hoarseness, weight loss, loss of appetite, recurring bronchitis or pneumonia, fever for an unknown reason, wheezing, swelling of neck and face.

can you get lung cancer from smoking cigarettes for a short period for a short period?

Smoking is a proven risk factor of lung cancer. Although it is pr oven that the longer and more you smoke the bigger the risk, this does not meant only smoking a small amount is safe. People develop lung cancer ever day who have never smoked a cigarette in their live so of course smoking for a year can lead to you developing lung cancer. In saying that the peak age for lung cancer both small cell and non small cell is around 50 Years old and i am guessing you are a lot younger. The best thing to do is to quit smoking altogether, within 5 years your lungs LL return to that of a non smoker and your risk of disease’s attributed with it, heart disease, cancers, etc, will be the same as if you never smoked. Remember although lung cancer is an obvious one there are a lot of cancers that can be caused by smoking that are just as bad; esophagus, larynx, bowel, pharynx, lynxomach. I get that smoking is enjoyable as i used to do it myself, but is it so fantastic that your willing to play Russian roulette with your life. 1 in 2 people who smoke will die from a disease caused by it, that is a heavy statistic.

Did You Know That 66 % Of Persons With Lung Cancer Are NON Smokers?

Ten percent to 15 percent of lung cancer victims are non-smokers.

Nonsmokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke at home or at work increase their risk of developing lung cancer by 20? 30%.

Based on these, not so sure about your stats, but the numbers of non-smokers who develop lung cancer is a staggering number. Maybe 66 is the % of non-smokers who develop complications of smoking?

How can I prevent lung cancer?

  • Known risk factors for lung cancer include:
  • smoking,
  • exposure to second hand smoke,
  • air pollution,
  • low intake of fruits and vegetables,
  • high intake of foods rich in fat,
  • asbestos,
  • exposure to radon,
  • and other environmental exposures.

If someone smoked one cigarette a day for 30 days what would the risk of lung cancer?

Very Very High chance of cancer if you don’t stop, quit now!

I smoked for 35 years and I quit in December without any problem but then I am a hypnotherapist and I am therefore atypical in that unlike most people, I have an instruction book for my mind! It is a shame I didn’t use it a little sooner! It was easy for me to stop since I just discarded all the lies about being addicted put out by the tobacco companies and made up my own mind about that addiction myth. Sure when I quit a little voice said you want a cigarette and I said to myself there goes that confused little voice again giving me more false information from the skewed experiences in my memory banks and I had to remind myself to have another look for the fresh information that said I’d quit! Instead of succumbing to the little voice that said I needed a cigarette I just laughed at it, which by the way is exactly the same way I overcame the fear of blood tests, when I felt fear I laughed back at it and turned it in to a joke and it worked a treat.

My lungs will never recover I am way beyond 30 days but they won’t get any worse and I feel better already! If it is only 30 days for you they will recover if you stop now. The link below might convince you to stop. 75 to 90 hours clears the nicotine from your lungs! I just worked out that at today’s prices I spent ?17500 on cigarettes I wonder how much that would have been worth if I had just invested it?

If you smoke around your pet, can they get lung cancer from passive smoke?

YES. They develop a number of cancers in addition to lung: lymphoma,oral cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, and nasal sinus cancer.

I have stage III lung cancer, how long can I collect disability from social security!



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