Losing the Elephants

They can live into their seventies. They recognize themselves in a mirror. Family means more than anything. Memories are held for a lifetime. “They” are Asian Elephants, and they are in trouble! In much of Asia the few remaining elephants are vastly outnumbered by an exploding human population, most are domesticated, and most live very hard lives. Can we be satisfied with this? Is it even important to make sure Asia’s Elephants make it? Should it be a priority in our modern world to shepherd any other species, especially one with intelligence approaching our own, to some sort of long-term survival? Losing the Elephants examines these questions and reveals elephants like no visit to the zoo or circus ever will. Narrated by Martin Sheen. Directed and produced by Peck Euwer.

Introduced by Lisa Bierer-Garrett, Publicity Chair, Patuxent Wildlife Artshow and Sale and Member, Board of Directors, Friends of Patuxent.

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