Life In Cold Blood – Armoured Giants

David Attenborough reveals the secrets of the “armoured giants,” the crocodiles and turtles. He witnesses the clumsy courtship of giant tortoises in the Galapagos. In Australia he watches saltwater crocodiles as they join forces for a spectacle that has only just been discovered. In the highest densities on earth, they crowd a river-run, jaws agape and jostling for position as they fish for mullet, like bears fishing for salmon. The softer side of crocodilians is also revealed. A mother caiman leads her babies overland in search of a safe nursery pond to rear them in. BBC Natural History Unit (UK). Co-produced with BBC Worldwide, Animal Planet and the Open University. Hosted by David Attenborough. Directed by Scott Alexander. Produced by Miles Barton. Winner of the Golden Panda Award for Best of Festival.

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