Leukemia Cancer

What are the symptoms of having leukemia?

General symptoms of ALL can include: weight loss fever loss of appetite anemia infection bruising bleeding frequent or severe nosebleeds bleeding from the gums Most symptoms of ALL are caused by a shortage of normal blood cells, a result of the crowding out of normal blood cell-producing bone marrow by leukemia cells. As a result, the person doesn’t have enough properly working red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

Related symptoms include: Weakness and fatigue- Bone pain- Dizziness- Fever, chills, night sweats or other flu-like symptoms- Paleness- Unintentional weight loss- Joint pain- Swollen or bleeding gums- Frequent infection- Swollen tonsils- Malaise- Nausea- Dyspnea- Neurological symptoms- Diarrhea- Anemia

What are some sicknesses with similar symptoms as leukemia?

leukemia is not contagious. It’s the cancer of the developing cells of the bone marrow, is in cancer of blood cells. Literal term means white blood. Symptoms like fever, night sweats, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes (esp in the neck), weakness and fatigue, headache can be associated with the flue or other infections as well. Frequent infections, fatigue can be associated with anemia (low blood iron levels). These symptoms can be confused with other things, but only a doctor can diagnose leukemia by doing special tests. Symptoms start out gradually and get worse with time. Suffice it to say, I really doubt your friend has leukemia.

What is the difference between acute leukemia and chronic leukemia?

What is the best way to find information on leukemia?

What type of leukemia do Jamie and Bailey have?

I tried looking up the one about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and I couldn’t find any specifics.I saw A Walk to Remember (Loved it!) and they were not specific about it either. All they said was that she was diagnosed two years ago and stopped responding to treatments. Sorry I can’t find the exact types.

What are the chances of a 78 year old beating chronic leukemia?

I know of a 70 year old man in Austin Texas who owns the Armstrong supply houses who is in medical journal for surviving lukiemia. Hes alive and well and everyone thought he’d die. Just ask for AJ and go to the one on Anderson Lane. They will ask you if you have a license but just say you want to talk to him about lukeimia

How likely is it that an obese person has leukemia? 

Lukemia has nothing to do with your weight that I’m aware of. Its a blood cancer. Not bone, organ or tissue.Unless she has had her spleen removed a simple blood test would rule it out. (having no spleen would show the same results in a blood test as lukemia and not be accurate, otherwise it would be).

How long after being in remission with Leukemia can you be considered cancer free?

I don’t know the answer to your question but I would like to put the word out to as many people as possible that electromagnetic fields are linked to cancer (including leukemia). I bought a Gauss meter online and conducted tests in my home and my parents. To my dismay, I live near power lines and the meter showed that the EMF were in the dangerous ranges.

How long would it take to diagnose a teenager with Leukemia?

It takes about a week to get a firm diagnosis, although someone could give a preliminary diagnosis in a day. You need a bone marrow biopsy to diagnose leukemia. There are four types of leukemia. CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia) CLL(chronic lymphocytic leukemia) AML(acute myeloblastic leukemia) ALL(acute lymphocytic leukemia) AML is the worst one. chronic leukemias are usually curable in children and teenagers. I don’t know about ALL, although it is definitely more curable than AML. Your bone marrow makes all types of blood cells. Leukemia affects the white blood cells as they are made from the bone marrow. The difference is which type of white blood cell is affected.Chronic is not as aggressive as acute, but chronic can progress to acute. ETA: Oh, there is also hairy cell leukemia, which is very curable in both children and adults.

What is the best treatment for Acute Lymphocitic Leukemia? 

he best treatment is bone marrow transplant which is very expensive and very painful. In spite of all think after transplant there are less chance of recovery.

Combination chemotherapy. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has reported a 5-year-survival rate of more than 90 percent for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

What type of Leukemia has the highest cure rate?

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia can now be treated with mono-clonal antibodies (special genetically engineered cells that attack it!) but I’m not sure if that makes it the most easily curable.

How often do bleeding gums mean leukemia?

It is more likely to be gum disease. I had it. Have him see a dentist. My son had leukemia and never had bleeding gums.

How can I help my partner cope with Leukemia diagnosis?

I would write him a long letter explaining how you feel. Maybe that will allow him to understand how important it is to you to see him and that he doesn’t need to protect you. Whatever the outcome of that letter, your feelings will be on paper and he can read it whenever he is lonely or scared.

How often do bleeding gums mean leukemia?

No direct connection. Lukemia is a cancer of the blood and caused by infection(s) somewhere in the body. It typically takes about 8 to 10 years of infections for cancer to form.To get rid of the bleeding gums is very easy. All you have to do is tell your boyfriend to floss very well and then brush well with a soft toothbrush. This will cause some bleeding, but get rid of the particles of food, etc. that are irritating the gums.

Neem Oil and Neem Bark. Have them UPS this to you and it’s not expensive. Mix a little of each together 50/50 and this will form a paste. Apply this to the gums all over first thing in the morning and before bed. After 1 day, the bleeding will stop. Keep doing this for about 2 or 3 weeks and this will heal the gums and even reduce the so called”dental pockets”to zero if you keep applying the mix. It sure beats surgery and some of the crazy things dentists recommend for this problem.Now, you need to look at your digestion next. This is the”root cause”of plaque build up on teeth. Primitive people did NOT get cavities or plaque build up. If you look at pictures of primitive people smiling in photographs, you will see bright, beautiful teeth with NO cavities. It wasn’t until”modern man’s”diet of sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils came into existence when even the offspring of these lucky people got cavities and dental problems. And guess what, they never, ever used flouride on their teeth. This whole flouride thing is terrible for your body and depletes your body of iodine causing all kinds of problems for you.

Dentists are not trained in nutrition and cause lots of problems for people with their advice regarding flouride among other things they do. Tell your boyfriend to find a toothpaste that does NOT have fluoride or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in it. That Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a surfactant that causes sudsing and it also opens the pores letting germs and disease get into your tissues contributing to the bleeding problem.Toothpaste companies have succeeded in ENDOCTRINATING people about what they should do and now YOU need to get educated so you won’t fall into their marketing trap they have set for you. Learn the truth and it truly will set you free from the lies you believe.A good toothpaste I’ve found is Peelu. You can get this at most health food stores and I use the Peppermint flavor. The non-flavor tastes like old goat hair. It cleans your teeth really well.

What is the average life expectancy for people with leukemia?

Generally survival and cure statistics are higher for middle aged people than they are for the young and elderly. It would depend on so many factors involved with the individual case. Cherish each day with him. Life is unpredictable, he could outlive you.

What is acute lymphocytic leukemia in a chronic stage?

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) There are four major types of leukemia. ALL is the most common type of leukemia diagnosed in children, and the least common type diagnosed in adults. About 5,200 people are diagnosed with ALL each year. Children account for two-thirds of these cases. In general, children with ALL have a better prognosis than adults. Most children with ALL can be cured of this cancer. Symptoms of ALL include fatigue, pale skin, recurrent infections, bone pain, bruising, and small red spots under the skin. Doctors use various tests, including blood counts and bone marrow biopsies, to diagnose ALL. ALL is treated with chemotherapy and, sometimes, radiation. Children receive different types of chemotherapy regimens than adults. Patients with advanced cancer that has not responded to these treatments may need a stem cell transplant.

My friend has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia and its getting to me?

It’s normal to feel depressed. How ever, you must remember that it is your friend who is in trouble and he is the one, who will need your support, not the opposite. I hope you and your friend get well fast.

Does it cost to have a cat tested for feline leukemia?

Yes, it will cost money but it’s necessary especially for the feline leukemia. It’s a very nasty disease, similar to AIDS, and the cat will suffer and probably die from it. It’s also very contagious to other cats, so I would have the cat tested and vaccinated ASAP. If you think your cat has allergies, there are meds for that also, it can be a seasonal thing or it can be chronic, just like with humans.

What are the three reasons people would want to get involved in fighting leukemia?

1. Leukemia can strike anyone, young or old.

2. You may have lost a loved one to it

3. There is more than one cause/type of Leukemia and researchers are getting close to finding causes, but not quite there yet.

What gifts can I give a child who has leukemia and is in the hospital?

To Female Leukemia patients: What gifts did you appreciate the most? 

I have leukemia, but I never lost my hair because I’m going through bio therapy, I would assume a nice hat, some little snacks, like chex mix, also she’ll be spending a lot of time in the hospital so maybe some books, coloring things, a hand held game. I know myself that I had a little dvd player and some headphones, but that could be quite expensive. I’m sure she’ll appreciate anything she receives.

How long can a person go without realizing that they have leukemia?

my mom has leukemia and when we had no clue what was wrong they kept saying that it was the flu. but it got to the point where walking to the mail box was using up all her energy i do not think that you could have leukemia for 10 years or more and be alive. One other thing, you remember how you felt when you where 8 or so? i would make a doc call.

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