Legacy Of The Great Aletsch

World Premiere They call it their friend. They call it their home. It has shaped their lives for centuries. And now it’s slowly fading away. The people of the Swiss Alps engage the viewer with tales about the titan that frightened them, threatened their homes and imprisoned their souls, but that to this day helps them survive: the Great Aletsch Glacier. Martin Nellen, the humble mountain guide, and Art Furrer, the lively hotelier/ski legend, lead the viewer down the length of the glacier while sharing captivating stories about the Great Aletsch and their lives. Along the way, the film introduces other characters who also explore different aspects of the glacier. Legacy of the Great Aletsch reveals the notable glacier as something more than just an indicator for climate change. This visually stunning documentary also portrays the local people and their unique way of life that revolves around this massive force of nature. Directed by Nick Brandestini and Steve Ellington. Produced by Nick Brandestini.

Introduced by the Head of Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Switzerland. Discussion with filmmakers Nick Brandestini and Steve Ellington follows screening.

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