Islands in the Wind

World Premiere Tired of the hand-wringing, moaning, and societal inaction about climate change and high energy costs? The colorful characters of North Haven and Vinalhaven, two small islands off the Maine coast, decide overwhelmingly to do something about it. Boldness has beauty, daring and risk to it. Several neighbors seize the mainland headlines with complaints of disruptive turbine noise, but 98 percent of the islanders keep their eye on the falling electricity bills, the future of their island children and some of the most innovative community wind energy activity in the United States. This is an insider story of charm, passion and commitment to community life that the news reportage almost completely missed, and a case study of the pitfalls, and promises, of the post-fossil fuel economy. Directed by David Conover. Produced by Compass Light Productions.

Discussion with filmmaker David Conover follows screening.

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