Into the Cold

Washington, D.C. Premiere Commemorating the centennial of Admiral Peary’s historic reach of the North Pole in 1909, this film retraces a dramatic expedition to the Pole by Sebastian Copeland and Keith Heger, two men who covered more than 400 miles on foot in sub-zero temperatures. A personal and harrowing journey of endurance and commitment, Into The Cold tests the soul against the backdrop of the magnificent Great North. Very few have walked such distance to reach the Pole on foot in the last century. The film documents this rapidly vanishing environment: a hundred years from now, there will be no bicentennial expedition on foot to the North Pole, for the ice there will have long since disappeared. Seventy percent of North Pole expeditions, considered by experts as the toughest in the world, have met with failure. The film celebrates Man’s communion with nature, conveying one poignant message: if the Great North goes, so does humanity. Directed and produced by Sebastian Copeland.

Discussion with filmmaker Sebastian Copeland follows screening.

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