Inside the Firestorm

United States Premiere On February 7, 2009, Australia suffered its worst peacetime disaster. The devastating fire known as “Black Saturday,” claimed 173 lives, left more than 7,000 homeless and destroyed close to half a million hectares of Victorian bush-land. One year later, Inside the Firestorm tells the story of what happened. Using never-before-seen-footage, this documentary is a social record, a film that commemorates a catastrophe as seen through the eyes of those who were there. This documentary is dedicated to those who lost their lives on Black Saturday. Narrated by Hugo Weaving. Directed by Jacob Hickey. Winner of the Awards for Best Direction in a Documentary, Best Editing in a Documentary and Best Sound in a Documentary, 2010 Australian Film Institute.

Introduced by Brendan Wall, Director, Cultural Relations, Embassy of Australia.

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