Inside Media: Hedrick Smith On Poisoned Waters

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author and filmmaker Hedrick Smith will be interviewed about his upcoming film, Poisoned Waters, to be aired on the PBS weekly “FRONTLINE” series in April, in conjunction with Earth Day. As a former New York Timescorrespondent, author of several best-selling books and host of 20 award-winning PBS prime-time specials and mini-series, Smith has brought both insight and a highly personal style of storytelling to a variety of topics. He has explored the Washington power game, Soviet-American relations in the Cold War and beyond, the impact of the global economy on the American middle class, educational reform and the quality of American health care. He now turns his attention to our country’s environment. Thirty-five years after the Clean Water Act, Smith’s new feature length documentary assesses the state of America’s environmental protections and the impaired health of national waterways through case studies of the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound. With a deep appreciation for the impact of water on our lives, its beauty and majesty, but also its increasing fragility, Smith shares his journey of discovery, showing just how far our environmental protections have fallen short, and exposes the new dangers of emerging contaminants being found in drinking water all across the country. Showing how grass roots citizen action has forced the EPA and big polluters into more effective cleanup operations or
how collaborative work among native American tribes, farmers and developers has helped restore vital habitat and endangered species, Smith poses a challenge to the American public and policy makers to become more forcefully engaged in protecting the vital and cherished American resource of water.

The “Inside Media” interview by Rich Foster with Hedrick Smith, Director/Programs at the Newseum, takes place before a live audience of Newseum visitors, who are invited to participate in the program.

POISONED WATERS is scheduled to air Tuesday, April 21. Check your local PBS listings. For more information, please visit

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