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Frequently asked questions

What baby oil should i use for newborn baby’s head?

I do not recommend any kind of oil around the baby personally. Oil is thick and if a small amount is ingested it could coat the baby’s lungs and suffocate them. There are lots of other products out there that are safe for a baby, maybe you should try that first. Also, if its for skin Jonson’s has a real nice calming lotion that is great for massage and even a bath soak for them too. I just do not like the thoughts of oil.

When did your premature infant start walking?

My oldest daughter was a 28 weeker, weighing 2 lbs. She did not walk until she was around 18 months old. My youngest daughter, who was a 35 weeker, walked at around 1 year old.

Pregnancy books for first time moms

If you are pregnant then pregnancy books will let you know all of the possible health risks or complications. This way you can take preventive measures before that complication in actual erupts. Anemia is one of the medical conditions which are faced by most of the pregnant women in their pregnancies. How to treat anemia? How it develops? What are the preventive measures? What must be in your diet plan in order to cure anemia? All these questions answers are listed in these books. Not only anemia, you can learn about all of the pregnancy related complications.

How much does your baby sleep during the day?

Eventually your child will stop napping and start doing all of his sleeping at night. Preschoolers and young elementary school students still need up to ten or 11 hours of sleep a night, but that amount will gradually diminish. By the time he’s a teenager, your child will need only about nine or ten hours of shut-eye per night.

How long was your baby in newborn diapers?

For a while actually. My daughter is very tiny. She’s almost 2 and is only the size of a typical one year old but there’s nothing wrong with her at all. The doctor’s actually like that she’s so small. Her bone structure just isn’t very big. She only gained a pound a month until she turned one and she was 7 pounds 3 ozs when she was born.


One of the main worries with infants is when they get diarrhea and vomiting. This can cause them to dehydrate very rapidly and should be taken care of immediately.

How do you keep your infant from crying while shopping?

Try giving her a toy she can busy herself with while you shop. Or cheerios is a great option it keeps them busy for a while. Just put some in a little baggy or they have these special containers for them I always found them to work.

How long does the average baby stay in newborn size clothes?

For the first little while, you will probably keep your baby in comfy pj’s. I’d suggest buying a couple of 0-3 months and a couple of 3-6 months). Assuming you don’t want to spend alot of money try Target, Mervyns or Khols.Since he/she won’t be born until July, wait until then to buy clothes as they start going on sale around that time.mb

How much sleep does your baby like during the day?

I remember around that time that was what my son was doing, he would have several little”nap-lets”throughout the day, this continued until i finally got him to take longer naps in his crib, he’s 13 months now an still has 2 naps a day 1.5-3 hours each

How do you get a baby to sleep earlier?

The first thing you need to do is understand that you are the mom and YOU are the one who decides when bedtime is. Not your daughter. I don’t know how old your child is. My son is 8 months old and is on a great schedule. He’s up at 7 and then goes back down at 9. He gets up around 11 and then goes back down at 2 or so. He sleeps until 3:30 or 4 and then I put him to bed at 8. It will take some time to change her routine, but trust me, you’ll not regret it. You may also have to listen to her cry a little. It’s okay and she won’t be scarred by it. Put her to bed and then leave the room. If she cries then wait 5 minutes and go back in and pat her back. DON’T PICK HER UP! Lay her back down and then leave again. The first night it will take a while, especially if she’s used to being up later. I’ve done it and it works. It will be hard on your emotions, but don’t give up. After 3 or 4 nights it will be SO much better. GOOD LUCK!

Oramedy Alis Singaw: Instant canker sore relief

Studies show that children and women are more prone to canker sore or singaw than men. The exact cause of canker sore or singaw is not exactly known but factors such as physical injury, stress, citrus fruits and immune system reactions are known to contribute to their development.

Singaw sores are characterized by painful mouth ulcerations. It appears as white or yellow oval with an inflamed red border.

The pain that accompanies canker sores or singaw varies in intensity according to the size of the ulceration. Minor sores cause minimal discomfort while larger ulcerations may cause severe pain and often lead to swelling of the lymph nodes to fever.

While singaw normally lasts only a few days, the discomfort that accompanies the ulceration may be so distressing that those who suffer from singaw are often irritable and can’t perform their normal functions.

Oramedy Alis Singaw is a new product that promises instant relief from pain that accompanies canker sores. Its generic name is triamcinolone acetonide and it is the only available formulation for canker sore application in the Philippines.

Triamcinolone acetonide is a steroid about 8 times more potent than prednisone but is much more safer. It instantly acts on the swelling on the ulceration thereby greatly reducing the pain on the sore. With Oramedy, the healing process is cut short by 50 percent.

How long should a newborn baby be kept away from people with sickness bug?

Hello everyone! A tiny bit about myself… I have had a exciting year, I recently moved to Johnson City from my hometown and more importantly I am new mother of a wonderful baby girl. She is the world to me! As a new mom the expensises add up quickly.

How to get to know whether a new born child is normal?

Normal’any child id never use that word for,Both my twins cried soon after birth as for the question you can never really tell about speech well i never knew my twin son was severely autistic till three he is now 8 and still cannot talk, hearing is tested from around 8 weeks and then if they think there is a problem they will asses your child at at later date

Why does my newborn have to wear a yellow outfit when going home from the hospital?

It’ll be something to do with the fact that you are not taking the child or its sex for granted..yellow is for both boys and girls….its a bit of a weird one and I have never heard of it but I would get a yellow outfit as your aunt will only worry otherwise and yellow is nice!

When did your newborn start responding to you?

My daughter is 10.5 weeks lol and she’s doing this a lot too – as well as following me with her eyes as I come in and out of the room if she’s in her crib for example. I can’t get her to focus on a toy yet though..Anyway that’s a great start and a great sign that she’s responding when you talk to her! Keep it up!

How long should a newborn sleep all day and for how many hours?

Most babies that age will sleep 18-20 hours a day. They sleep a lot. It will gradually get less and less until they sleep about 12 hours a day and they do that for a really long time. My two year old still sleeps 12 hrs a day and my two month old sleeps at least 18 hrs a day.

What temp should we set the a/c in the house for our new born baby?

That temperature is fine. Generally speaking, a comfortable sleeping temperature is between 68 and 70 degrees F. I know that a newborn is used to a temperature of 98+ degrees F, but if you think about it, the clothing plus the swaddling will keep him/her warm enough. I think you can leave the thermostat where it is.

How do I get my infant to wear a bike helmet?

You have to get her to wear the helmet for incrementally longer lengths of time in order to get her to wear the helmet. You need to have her wear the helmet around doing normal things that are not getting put on the bike seat / put in the trailer / getting put somewhere where she feels confined / etc., so you can ease her into wearing the helmet. My wife and I always put our helmets on first.My daughter is just getting large enough that the helmet will stay on without inching down into her face. We haven’t done long rides, but she’s getting used to riding around. She’s been tolerating the exercises for increasingly longer periods of time. We’ll see how it goes. She hates her Burley trailer right now, but I just think she needs to get a little bigger for it to be more comfortable. She doesn’t seem to mind the mounted seat as much, but I know that as she gets heavier, it will be safer to have her in the trailer.

What baby swing do you like best and is best for a newborn to older baby?

The rain forest one is nice because it swings in 3 positions, has a mobile and plugs into the wall ( no batteries to change! ) also it has like 5 speeds, a lot of different music/sounds and volume control…also has a little tray with a dip for putting a snack in when baby is older.


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